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Data Center Support
Ref No.: 18-28772
Location: Piscataway, New Jersey
Start Date: 04/25/2018
 Sites Covered:
Nomura sites covered by our data center operations staff:
  • 25 Corporate Place South, Piscataway NJ 08854
Resource Requirements:
  • 2 Resources for Piscataway Data Center  - Wednesday through Friday: 4:00PM – 12:00AM, and Saturday 8:00AM – 4:00PM
  • Maintain the data center active and offline IT asset inventory across multiple databases including ServiceNow, Nlyte, , and Excel based spreadsheets
The data center asset management activities includes:‪
  • Asset entry and verification in the above database systems
  • Asset tagging of data center equipment
  • Labeling assets front & rear with device hostname
  • Entering host names in Avocent remote access KVM system or terminal server
  • Survey and provide rack location, SAN, Network, Power, and Rack Unit requirements for new assets based on Move/Add/Change requests(MAC)
  • Maintain the data center cabinet elevations and network patch panel assignments in cabinet spreadsheets, Nlyte, and IPatch systems
  • Track, manage, and order copper and fiber patch cable inventory
  • Track and inventory Telco circuits
  • ‪Provide guidance, oversight, and support to a team of Low Voltage electricians performing hardware racking and patching during off-shift MAC work
Tasks include:
  • Produce network patching work orders via Ipatch cable management system
  • Explain MAC scope of work to Low Voltage electricians
  • Verification of asset tag, model number, and serial number for equipment to be installed in or removed from the data center
  • Provide low voltage electricians all necessary cabling, adapters, and other components in support of MAC work
  • Inspect readiness of equipment for installation (checking mounting hardware, brackets, and other accessories)
  • Maintain communication with technical owners during MACs requiring coordination of multiple support teams
  • Quality control of all MAC work after completed
  • Perform hardware preventative and break-fix maintenance, upgrades, and after service testing for hardware not covered by vendor support SLA contracts, as well as, facilitate in-warranty services for vendors products: ‪
    • Installation of hard drives, memory, CMOS battery, power supplies, controller cards, write cache and battery-backed write cache upgrade or replacement
    • Installation of PCI HBAs, NICs, Solarflare, FPGA and other low latency cards
    • Swap of defective servers and server resets
    • Troubleshoot switch/server port connectivity issues related to network cables or patch panels; checking/Fluking for VLAN info on network switch ports
    • KVM troubleshooting
    • Maintain readiness of hot swap servers in the data center staging cabinet for emergencies (Standby servers with documented processors, memory amount, hardware version, etc.)
    • Short and long-term testing of servers in Unix Lab or Staging area test cabinet especially after service repairs before returning equipment to production inventory
    • Facilitate in-warranty parts replacement and services
  • ‪Work directly with server administrators, network administrators, or Telco vendors to:
  • Troubleshooting layer 1 network connectivity issues on mission critical production systems providing loopbacks, changing SFP's and GBIC's, and replacing cabling
  • Assist in troubleshooting Telco circuits including T-1, POTS, DSL, DS3, MPLS, Ethernet and fiber to terminating equipment such as routers, switches, CSU's, and modems
  • Configuring Client iLO/Dell DRAC management ports after installation and when requested
  • Troubleshoot minor servers issues across multiple OS platforms
  • Update MAC work log to keep requesters informed about work progress
  • Continue to maintain communications with SA's after MAC is closed to answer all questions and help resolve any issues
  • Work as remote hands with other IT members during regular scheduled work or emergency MACs
  • Provide visual inspection of data center IT equipment and report issues to technical owners
  • Provide on-call data center support during holidays, vacation coverage, and per request weekend coverage
  • ‪Other general responsibilities include:
  • Prepare equipment for installation (remove from packaging before entering Data Center), storage, or shipment to other Nomura and vendor sites
  • Transfer all equipment removed from the cabinets during decommissions and place in the storage
  • Create MAC requests, building passes, and provide shipping services to other data centers or co-locations as requested
  • Maintain and document data center best practices and standards by creating a detailed handbook of Nomura specific technical tasks and procedures
  • Support external vendors during their presence in the data center which includes meeting vendors at our reception desk/Security office and escorting them through the site