Ref No.: 18-28723
Location: Redmond, Washington
Start Date: 04/25/2018
SDET (Mindtree)
Redmond, WA

"Job Responsibilities :
1. Work on understanding the Azure Service Bus product architecture, Deployments, develop & tailor automation accordingly.
2. Develop and maintain various tools and applications for improving process, reporting and productivity.
3. Creating new production and Test clusters. Managing E2E deployments for Test and Production.
4. Automation/configuration management using C# and PowerShell.
5. Design technical solutions working with business stakeholders.
6. Configuring and maintaining various Jenkins jobs.
7. Enchaining and maintaining Daily Automation test runs, managing the test environments.
8. Test infrastructure management: Setting up the new Virtual Machines (VMs) on Azure environment for Jenkins and Deployment Engine (DE) setup and maintenance of servers.
9. Should have Good communication and interpersonal skills.