Mainframe Analyst
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Mainframe Analyst
Ref No.: 18-27831
Location: Brampton, Ontario
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 04/23/2018
Responsibilities :-      
-       Adhering to SLAs
-       Mentoring / Training Team Members
-       Handling tickets / requests
-       Perform root cause analysis
-       Troubleshooting technical issues
-       Defining processes and ensuring that the processes are adhered to
-       Oversees and is responsible for successful completion of Installation, configuration and migration
-       Ensure maximum uptime according to the SLA
-     Understanding of Multi-geo support environment
-       Responsible for building / maintaining a test environment
-       Responsible for strategizing a backup plan and test plan for failure scenario
-       Improves and maintains customer and employee satisfaction
-       Suggests new technologies and design changes
-       Monitoring and maintaining SLA requirements by the team members
-     Planning Backup/Restoration Strategy for 24x7 operation support
-       Suggesting patches/upgrades to maintain security level
-       Testing / Auditing/processes as required from time to time
-       Identify Skill gaps and plan for training / knowledge updating
Skill set Requirements      
Proven independent and direct capability at building, configuring, and upgrading CICS Transaction Server regions in a production environment.
Proficient with associated product installations, applying maintenance, customizing products, configuring products
Proven problem determination skills demonstrating independence and experience in troubleshooting, researching, and resolving complex issues, showing strong ability to utilize system diagnostics to arrive at problem solutions
Demonstrated strong problem solving skills, including dump reading and use of performance monitors like CA-Sysview.
Ability to work off hours and weekends to support change implementation.
Ability to support client systems in a 7x24x365 on-call rotation (remote logon, cell phone, etc)
Understanding of SMP/E concepts and IBM tools for identifying problems and fixes (IBMLink, SIS, ETR, etc.). Proficient with SMP/E (commands, terminology, problem determination).
Build from scratch as well as clone CICS regions to be used in single, MRO or CICSPlex environments
Use CICSPlex Web-User-Interface to create and administer changes in CICSPlex environments such as transaction route rules and real time analysis
Create historical reports using Tivoli and SMF data in response to customer inquiries regarding transaction response time, storage & CPU usage, file i/o counts, wait reasons, etc.
Monitor CICS performance using Omegamon and TMON in response to client calls about transaction response time, storage & CPU usage, file i/o counts, wait reasons, etc.
Perform upgrade activities required when moving CICS, CPSM or CTG to newer versions or releases
Read and interpret CICS system dumps
Install, customize, maintain 3rd party products such as Compuware's Abed-Aid/CICS, Xpeditor, CAFC, MacKinney Batch to CICS, etc.
Participate in annual Disaster Recovery exercise activities:  attending meetings, making CICS resource definition changes, monitoring network swing traffic, etc
Good to Have:-
Research and apply fixes to CICS, CPSM and CTG
Experienced in independently and directly managing projects of mid and high-level complexity
IBM Assembler language familiarity, to be able to look at code and dumps and also to work with Exits
Soft Skills/Other skills      
-       Excellent communication and conversation skills (Verbal and Written)
-       Good documentation skills
-       Good working knowledge of MS OFFICE (Including MS Project and Visio)
-       Should have a great customer handling skills
-       Able to handle unforeseen situations
-       High level of acceptance
-       Can drive HCL's value and its methodology
-       Worked on Production systems
-       Datacenter understanding      
-       Experience with Database Migration, Installation, Upgrades and Patching
-       Knowledge of Data warehousing and Other Technologies(RDBMS)
-       Desirable to have experience in Federation set up
-       Storage Management Techniques
-       Experience on Sun / VERITAS / TSA cluster