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VMWare Horizon
Ref No.: 18-21984
Location: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Start Date: 04/02/2018
  1. Should have previous exposure to Enterprise level setup with regards to  VMWare VSphere 6.x & Vcenter,SAN and Lan Technologies
  2. Should preferably have knowledge in VMware Horizon view 7.0
  3. Should be willing to work in EUC space (End User Computing).
  4. Should preferably have knowledge in VRealize, VMware Image & Snapshot management.
  5. Should be proficient in ESX Console level troubleshooting.
  6. Should have enterprise view to easily and quickly isolate design level flows and give suggestions for the same.
  7. Will manage escalated level technical issues raised by L-2 Engineers.
  8. Should be proficient in Clusters, DRS/HA/DPM 
  9. Should have L1 level SAN & Networking Understanding and architecture level view of the same.
  10. Should have a VCP Certification
  11. Should have patching/VDR working knowledge
  12. Should have knowledge on implementation of Windows 2012 OS and its related services like File and Print, DHCP, DNS, Client, Group Policies and AD.
  13. Should have thorough knowledge on implementation of App Volume manager, creating App Volume Packages and App Stacks.
  14. Should have solid experience in handling below VMware horizon implementation activities
    • Installation & Configuration of ESXi Cluster, vSphere ESXis, Vcenters and NSX components
    • Installation & Configuration of Nutanix Out of the Box software
    • Configuration of VSphere Cluster with HA & DRS
    • Installation and Configuration of SQL DB Server
    • Creation of windows 2012 machines for management
    • Installation and Configuration of Horizon View and composer servers
    • Updating Base image to VDI image and optimization
    • Building parent Image for Customer Profiles
    • Configuration of Desktop pool with required number of VDIs
    • Installation and configuration of RDSH server
    • Provision of Apps using RDSH servers
    • Install and configure a Windows capture/build machine to be used
    • Install and configure of vRealize Operations for Horizon
    • Setting up DR between Primary and Secondary Site
  1. Should have solid experience in handling below VMware Horizon system admin activities
    • Configuring Horizon View Connection Server
    • Configuring Role-Based Delegated Administration
    • Creating and Preparing Virtual Machines
    • Creating Desktop Pools
    • Entitling Users and Groups
    • Setting Up User Authentication
    • Configuring Policies
    • Configuring User Profiles with View Persona Management
    • Managing Linked-Clone Desktops
    • Managing Desktops and Desktop Pools
    • Managing Physical Computers and Terminal Servers
    • Managing ThinApp Applications in View Administrator
    • Managing Local Desktops
    • Maintaining and troubleshooting View Components
    • Configuring persistent and non-persistent VDIs
    • Creating, configuring and maintaining appstacks and app volumes
    • Performance tuning