Machine Learning
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Machine Learning
Ref No.: 18-21645
Location: Englewood Cliifs, New Jersey
Position Type:Full Time/Contract
Start Date: 03/30/2018
Job Title: Machine Learning
Work Location: Englewood Cliifs, NJ
Duration: Full time /Permanent
Job description:
Technical/Functional Skills:
  • Minimum 3 years relevant work experience in Data Science/Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and text mining
  • Semantic reasoning technology (RDF, OWL, Description Logic, etc.)
  • Deep learning frameworks (Tensor Flow, Deeplearning4j, Keras, Caffe, Theano, Torch, etc.)
  • Bayesian networks, HMMs, or other probabilistic graphical models
  • Solr, Elastic search , Spark, Hadoop and NiFi distributed computing frameworks
  • Cloud-based micro-service architectures
  • Experience Required: 3+
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Excellent programming, data analysis, and communication skills
  • Experience with Java/Scala /Python programming languages
  • A self-starter who is highly productive with minimal supervision
  • Linux/Unix experience
  • Generic Managerial Skills
  • Education:
  • Bachelor's or Master's in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, or similar discipline