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Scrum Master
Ref No.: 18-21334
Location: San Jose, California
Start Date: 03/29/2018
Role Description:
Scrum Masters are the creators of high performing, courageous and amazing teams. They create strong cross functional teams.
Job Scope:
·         Partners with Engineering Lead to create the right team structure for the context of the team.
·         Leverage their expert domain & technical depth to support teams in eliminating impediments and creating high value products
·         Create a safe environment where teams can transparently discuss and remove impediments / dysfunctions.
·         Guides and supports the team through SCRUM ceremonies.
·         Empower autonomous self-organizing teams by giving work decisions back to the team
·         Partners with DPMs, POs and Dev leads to design appropriate constraints (dates, budget) and expectations
·         Coach teams facing tough challenges e.g. related to how they work and interact together
·         Hold the team accountable for high performance & continuous improvement.
·         Guide the team in learning to make realistic and achievable delivery commitments so it can deliver with a sustainable cadence
·         Change leader for any agile improvements on their team/ domain. Empowers the team to improve and innovate continuously to drive real change.
·         Be the glue to cover the white spaces across domains.
·         Masters at situational leadership
·         Java and UI Stack Experience is a MUST
·         Empowering people and holding everyone accountable to deliver value and continuously improve
·         Release Planning, thin slicing releases and rapid learning
·         Center people's attention in complex and difficult issues and what's really important instead of in distractions
·         Trusted leader and communicator, who has the respect of the team, peers, external stakeholders, and management
·         Calm under pressure. Courage & Positive response to tough situations.
·         Understands & effectively leverages agile metrics, visualization through information radiators, and reporting techniques
·         Expert Technical & Functional skills necessary for the domain.
·         Effective Agile ceremonies.