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Supplier Provided Services
Ref No.: 18-17601
Location: Ashburn, Virginia
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 03/16/2018
Supplier Provided Services
Supplier will provide the following services (collectively, the "Services "):
A dedicated Onsite engineer that should be on the customer facility during HPE business hours, (if the person is on vacations someone else should cover him). The engineer should be able to assist the client with the next tasks:
• Receive parts/equipment, store and organize them on the datacenter.
• Assist HPE/vendors in the racking/installation of equipment in the customer cabinets.
• Involved in the Vitalize process (change management, incident management, requests, tasks, etc.)
• Run patch cables (copper/fiber) according to provided cable run schedule:
o Device to patch panel/fiber housing.
o Patch panel/fiber housing to network/SAN switch ports.
o Point-to-point patch cables between devices.
• Label all patch cables according to customer specifications.
• Work with DC planners on physical inventory/asset reconciliation process.
• Track patch cable, power cord and required items usage and maintain proper inventory levels.
• Participate in the break/fix – RMA process (receive - ship out parts/equipment).
• Participate in inbound/outbound shipments with appropriate notifications.
• Open appropriate Equinix service requests (work visit, shipments, smart hands, etc.)
• Assist HPE/vendors in the un-racking of equipment in the customer cabinets.
• Participate in the equipment decommission/disposal process:
o Recover patch cables.
o Un-rack equipment.
o Disposal of equipment.