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Mainframe Admin || Franklin, WI
Ref No.: 18-17432
Location: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Start Date: 03/15/2018
Highly skilled in DB2 z/OS application and system database administration.
Ø  Install, configure, monitor, upgrade and maintain DB2 z/OS and IBM DB2 z/OS Tools (IBM Tools Customizer, IBM DB2 Administration Tool, IBM Object Compare Tool, IBM Log Analysis Tool, IBM Automation Tool, IBM Client Unload, IBM SQL PA and IBM Query Monitor).
Ø  Strong knowledge of Omegamon Tools.
Ø  Ability to create, maintain database objects.
Ø  Ability to design, implement, maintain, tune and support databases.
Ø  Ability to diagnose, troubleshoot common SQL CODES and error messages.
Ø  Familiarity with data modeling and design and related tool (like PowerDesigner).
Ø  Ability to create backup and recovery procedures.
Ø  Experience in implementing DB2 z/OS Compression and Partitioning.
Ø  Strong knowledge of SQL.
Ø  Strong knowledge of DB2 utilities and commands.
Ø  Has worked with IBM Support and IBM SR tool.
Ø  Knowledge of other mainframes infrastructure technologies - e.g., zOS, RACF, CICS, SMS, storage subsystem and networking.
Ø  Ability to support Replication between DB2 z/OS and other DBMSs (Sybase and CDC Replication)