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AWS Architect/ Network Engineer
Ref No.: 18-08030
Location: Austin, Texas
Start Date / End Date: 09/18/2018 to 12/21/2018
Client: UT Austin
Position Type: Network Engineer / AWS Architect
Total projected hours: 150
Proposed start date: 9/18/2018
Projected end date: 12/21/2018
A.            Project background:
  • Dell Medical School (DMS) has five distinct websites, each using the Craft CMS. Supporting these sites are numerous AWS services.  These sites have not been set up consistently and may not use AWS best practices.  This project is to help DMS develop and implement an improved architecture.
  • DMS needs to design and build a HIPAA compliant code environment to write and run code in Python/Django.
  • DMS personnel need to be trained to manage AWS infrastructure after implementation.
B.            Contractor's responsibilities:
•              Design and build a consistent, reliable, secure, and easy-to-manage AWS architecture for multiple DMS Craft Sites.
•              Design and build a HIPPA compliant Python AWS environment that can serve pages and run batch scripts.
•              Work in conjunction with and train DMS staff so they have all needed knowledge to maintain the architecture after the project is complete.
•              Consideration must be given to AWS' fees.  While reliability and security are the primary concern, the expense must also be evaluated
•              All work is subject to the approval of DMS' IT staff, and ultimately the DMS CIO
•              Review current DMS architecture
•              Review DMS proposal for a new architecture (possibilities include Docker Containers, AWS' Fargate, RDS Multi-AZ deployments, and an S3 instance to store configurations)
•              Review DMS' use of Route53 and Infoblocks
•              Suggest other options and other AWS tools
•              Design the new architecture for Craft Sites
•              Design the new architecture for a HIPAA compliant Python/Django environment (Dev and Prod)
•              Create new AWS account(s)
•              Build the architecture for DMS Intranet Dev environment (which currently doesn't exist)
o              Develop scripts to automatically deploy all components, allowing better consistency and disaster recovery
•              Develop a migration plan than minimizes down-time
•              Develop Documentation of architecture and maintenance procedures/requirements
•              Migrate the DMS Intranet Prod environment
•              Migrate the other sites
•              New AWS architecture design for Craft CMS sites
•              Design for Python/Django environment
•              New AWS account(s)
•              Implemented AWS architectures
•              Scripts to automatically deploy all components
•              Migration plan
•              Documentation of the architecture and maintenance procedures
Acceptance of Work
•              The project will be considered complete when:
o              The new architecture is built
o              All Craft sites are migrated
o              A working Python/Django environment is available.
o              All plans should be reviewed by an AWS solution architect
o              All work must be reviewed and approved by UT Austin's Information Security Office (ISO) to ensure that no vulnerabilities have been introduced
C.            Work hours and location:
•              The contractor will be working in conjunction with AWS staff and will have to be available for meetings during normal business hours
•              Migrations will NOT be done during normal business hours
•              The contractor is responsible for their own IT needs, supplies, travel, and other expenses
II.            Contractor Experience, Skills, and Qualifications
Required Skills
•              Responsible for installing networking technologies and supporting networks.
•              Assesses existing network configurations and makes recommendations based on product specifications.
•              Configures equipment and software to meet business needs, trains others on the solution, and documents the solution for ongoing support.
•              Functions as part of a team on larger projects, or individually provides the services on support visits or smaller projects.
•              Provides technical support and assists with the design of network solutions. 
•              Requires experience in the technical services and support field as well as experience in network administration (DHCP, DNS, routers, firewall, etc.).
•              Deep knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS), especially EC2, RDS, S3, Route 53, Fargate and other tools.
•              Experience with AWS command line and scripting AWS commands
•              Experience with Docker