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Web Design and Drupal Theming Support, Level 2
Ref No.: 18-07263
Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 08/07/2018
 The U.S. House of Representatives (House) creates and supports hundreds of websites for Members, Committees and Leadership (MCL) offices. Today, the preferred web platform for the House is Drupal, with the majority of current websites on Drupal. Web Systems manages these MCL sites as well as manages internal websites for the 10,000+ House staff. In addition, Web Systems develops, maintains and manages applications where other legacy technologies exist. These applications facilitate web operations as well as provide added functionality with maintenance support provided to the MCL Offices.
1.2 The House seeks a Mid-Level Front-End Drupal Developer and Web Designer to take the lead on managing the Front-End Framework of our Drupal Web Platform. A portion of the work will include sustainment and maintenance activities to support a responsive theme framework used by 500+ existing Member, Committee, and Leadership (MCL) websites on the current iteration of the platform (Drupal 7 with Omega 3). Another significant portion of the resource's work will entail upgrading, extending, and enhancing the current front-end offerings to MCL customers. Enhancements to the current offering could include improving social media integration and mobile experience, as well as researching responsive frameworks other than Omega (for Drupal 7 and 8). The resource will significantly contribute to efforts to migrate to new versions of the Drupal Platform (Drupal 8), or to future Cloud based web publishing systems that may replace Drupal.
1.3 As the Mid-Level technical resource, the resource will provide expertise, guidance and UX Design work on an array of Web development projects which could include: systems in support of recurring legislative activities, future MCL web offerings, web-based alert mechanisms, eNewsletter systems, and other custom web applications.
1.4 The resource will enable existing staff and management to focus on new organizational requirements, Congressional Transition, existing MCL website projects, Freshmen Members of Congress, the House intranet (HouseNet),, and other projects.
1.5 The resource will work with a team of web designers, site builders, back-end developers, and project managers to provide web services to House customers. They will additionally work directly with staff in Member, Committee and Leadership offices.
3. General Responsibilities
3.3 Serve as a key technical resource and Mid-Level advisor to management on front-end frameworks to support web design and development services for the House;
3.3 Responsible for planning, documenting, and implementing web-based initiatives;
3.4 Follow organization and industry development standards, governance processes, and best practices;
3.5 Maintain professional relationships with customers, management, colleagues, and deliver high-quality customer service.
4. Specific Responsibilities
4.1 Develop team coding standards and best practices; assist colleagues with modernizing workflows; Participate in code reviews and quality control processes;
4.2 Work with both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 to build, maintain and support existing and future clients' enterprise-level websites;
4.3 Research, suggest, and implement improvements to current Drupal 7 platform or processes; Work with management to develop implementation plan for Drupal 8;
4.4 Set up multi-dev workflow tools and processes; lead team toward CSS preprocessing;
4.5 Conduct client consultations and requirement gathering regarding UX, information architecture, graphic design, social media integration, and site layout from customers and key stakeholders for sites and applications; analyze specifications to configure new and existing Drupal features;
4.6 Create personas, storyboards, site maps, conceptual wireframes, HTML prototypes, and design mockups;
4.7 Convert wireframes, design composites, and assets into custom, responsive, standards-compliant, mobile-friendly (or mobile-first) Drupal 7/8 themes;
4.8 Work collaboratively with designers, site builders, and back-end developers to extend current platform and develop new platforms;
4.9 Provide timely feedback to management and customers on the status of assigned tasks;
6. Specific Qualifications
6.1 Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Graphic Design, Web Design or a related field is highly desirable; ample equivalent work experience will be strongly considered;
6.2 The ideal candidate will have at least seven years of experience in web design and development in a team-oriented and collaborative environment;
6.3 Mid-Level Web Designer, Front-End Drupal Developer, Drupal Themer, and User Experience Strategist knowledge;
6.4 CSS/HTML5 guru, extensive knowledge of responsive design, and mobile-first approach;
6.5 Proven Drupal 7 experience in implementing UIs, themes and templates;
6.6 Creation and maintenance of Drupal themes using PHP, HTML, CSS, Sass/Compass, Adaptive Theme, Omega, or Bootstrap;
6.7 Thorough understanding of Drupal's theming layer - Twig, PHPTemplate and theme override techniques;
6.8 Front-end development using JavaScript libraries (e.g. AngularJS, jQuery, and Knockout) as well as a strong background in developing responsive frameworks;
6.9 Experience using version control or development tools such as Git, GitHUB, npm, Drush;
6.10 Expert Adobe Creative Suite software skills: Photoshop, Illustrator and/or other graphic design and prototyping tools;
6.11 Adept at conducting cross-browser and cross-device compatibility testing, following QA procedures.