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Customer Relation Manager
Ref No.: 18-04595
Location: Bethesda, Maryland
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 05/07/2018
1) Develop and maintain a deep and wide understanding of your customers business:
a. How customers utilize their IT applications
b. The customers' role(s) within NIH/ORS
c. Identify challenges the customer identifies with their computing and application systems
d. Analyze the business processes of the customer and develop recommendations for the ORS/ITB CIO which may benefit the customer

2) Maintain an inventory of each desktop application utilized by your customer. Collaborate with CSG team to maintain a SharePoint site with detailed software and application information by:
a. Name of Software
b. Manufacturer
c. Revision or Version Number
d. Date of Deployment
e. Purpose
f. Acquisition Date
g. Maintenance Contract Owner

3) Maintain a list of all application developed by DME for your customer, work through DME to obtain read access to this database. Ensure that the information is correct and up to date through client interaction:
a. Name of Software
b. Date Developed
c. Revision or Version Number
d. Date of Deployment
e. Purpose

4) Point person for ITB: Develop weekly status report for your customers; provide a weekly update as to the following via CRMO dashboard site:
a. System Owner Security Briefing:
i. Work with each system owner to ensure that their systems are patched and maintained by the provided due date.
ii. Help system owners complete their SA&A
b. DME Development Lifecycle: Provide a detailed project overview and timeline (in coordination with DME team)
c. Collect all Change Requests:
• Provide your customers with all proposed desktop, server, environment, and security changes in coordination with the Change Manager
• Provide a detailed description to your client as to how it will affect their staff members
• Ensure that dates are associated with each change

5) Collect detailed high level needs requirements from your customers and coordinate with various members of ITB for resolution.

6) Utilize the previously supplied meetings notes template to record information regarding each contact with your customers.
a. Keep record of same on the CRMO site

7) Create a SharePoint site to maintain the above information:
a. Allow your customers access to their section of the notes
b. Allow ITB members read access to your site so they may readily review the information