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Application/Cloud Security Expert
Ref No.: 18-03401
Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 04/06/2018
Requires the ability to set up and test security for project environments. Must be comfortable working with IBM Bluemix and softlayer and have a background in cloud securities. In addition to managing the security of the cloud environments, project requires that the Security applicant can conduct penetration testing of web applications, secure databases and secure REST api services. Candidate must be aware of modern encryption methods to reduce risk of penetration and have experience with both command line and Linux OS. Must work with the developers, data engineers, and data scientists to ensure their code has no security issues, all connections are secure, environments are set up correctly, and web application has proper authentication set up.

Required Skills (Max 800 characters) - in order of importance with years of experience needed
• Must have white and black box penetration testing experience, for web applications (2-3 years)
• Deep knowledge and experience in securing applications in a public cloud environments.
• Experience with database security
• Experience with securing rest api
• Command line
• Linux OS

Experience with IBM Cloud services, with an emphasis on IBM Bluemix (1+ years)
Preferred Skills - with years of experience needed
• JavaScript skills
• Python skills
Provide primary job duties: Be specific in one line bullets for the top 6 job duties required in the position in order of importance with the percentage of time required to do that duty in the job. The percentages must add to 100%.
The main job duties are as follows:

JD#1: Test and build security of web applications, flask apps, and api services
JD#2: Test and build security of cloud environments
JD#3: Test and build security of databases
JD#4: Work with PM, developers, and data scientists to fix any security issues in code

Job Duty 1 with % of time - 60
Job Duty 2 with % of time - 15
Job Duty 3 with % of time – 15
Job Duty 4 with % of time – 10