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Call Center Customer Service Professional - II
Ref No.: 17-19819
Location: Dallas, Texas
Start Date / End Date: 09/04/2017 to 08/03/2020
A SDC is XO external customer's main point of contact for order coordination. A SDC is responsible for managing the customer's expectations during the life of the order. SDC communicates milestones and ensures order date accuracy for auto communications and coordinating with both internal and external customers to ensure a smooth installation and positive customer experience. 


- The SDC becomes involved in an order upon TBS order creation (PSR) 
- The SDC should review all assigned orders on a daily basis and work with our internal partners (OE, Ckt Design, Provisioning, Operations, Dispatch, NAC) to ensure order activities are completed within SLA. 
- The SDC should contact customers proactively 
- SDC's are involved in any MAC or install order that goes thru TBS 

Activity Tasks 
- Order Acknowledgement Task (ORD_ACK): the ORD_ACK task owner must provide a high level overview of what the customer can expect going forward. Owner should set expectations for the next contact and then a firm installation date will be communicated on the next customer contact. This is the critical first step where the SDC engages the customer with an introduction and sets the stage for a positive customer experience by talking full ownership of the activation process 
- P_COORD Task: The P_COORD task owner must schedule the order due date/service activation date with the customer. The owner should schedule with the customer in a timely manner to ensure on time delivery of XO services to the customer as well as cost effectiveness to XO 
- Site Ready Task: This task is the specific touchpoint in the process where the SDC should be ensuring the customer's site is ready to receive the services ordered from XO. The STE_RDY task will prevent the PTD tasks from becoming ready. The tasks should be used in order processing scenarios where PTD might be delayed. This task is a stop-gap between scheduling and a truck-roll so that all proper steps can be taken to verify site (as well as order) readiness prior to dispatching a tech to the site. 
- Confirm installation date – Cindate is a task that serves as the 72 hours prior to schedule Due Date (DD) order verification with the customer, vendor, internal partners, etc. Task owner must ensure all pieces are in place for a successful cutover. This is the final go/no-go step in the process prior to Due Date (DD) should any unexpected items need to be accounted for to have a successful installation. 

• The SDC owns the order from PSR creation to installation and hand over to the customer. 
• The SDC is customer-facing and handles all forms of communication with the customer (e.g., conference calls, email, and any other verbal or written communications). 
• The SDC is responsible for communicating project timelines, SLAs, XO FOC dates and any other pertinent information regarding the order status for transactional business. 
• SDC works all Wholesale products 
• SDC manages 75 to 100 orders at one time 
• SDC assist with QSR to review SLA outliers 

Commonly Used Systems: TBS, EOM, Netprov, LINX, WFM, ASR VFO, Ne-Test, Dashvue, LOA Shared document files