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Project Manager- DHS
Ref No.: 17-18886
Location: Rockville, Maryland
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 08/14/2017
 Role: Project Manager
Client: Client (Client)
Location:1100 Eastern Boulevard Essex, MD  21221
Duration: long term
Project Background
The AFS is a computerized fiscal tracking system that is used statewide by local finance offices, allowing users to perform a number of accounting tasks. The system allows users to setup, print, and track payments for various vendors—including payments to foster care providers—while maintaining a history of all financial transactions. The system also provides the capability to generate a number of fiscal reports including the 302A for assistance and the General Ledger. Additionally, the system also produces annual 1099 data that is subsequently uploaded into the State's Financial Management Information System (FMIS) via a manual batch load process.
The legacy AFS was developed using Delphi, a programming language based on object Pascal programming methods. While Delphi was regarded as a very promising development platform that provided rich connectivity options to relational databases, it became increasingly restrictive and inflexible for the State to maintain. Requests for minor application changes were often costly to implement, and specialized programming skills were required to accommodate even minor requests for modification. Given the limitation of the technology suite upon which the legacy AFS application was built, it is not able to easily adjust to new workflows and the adoption of newer technologies that will provide the State scalability and room for growth.
To address these concerns, the State initiated the legacy AFS modernization project through the OTHS. The aim of the project is to deploy a scalable application leveraging more robust application programming technologies, using proven field-tested agile principles, tools, and methods. The Sr. PM will transition into where the incumbent's contract ends which is during the award of the AFS solution.  The transitioning entails the shift from a traditional SDLC to an agile methodology for the solution's implementation.
The implementation of the project will ultimately provide the following primary benefits:
1.   Reduced maintenance costs associated with the upkeep of a legacy application and supporting infrastructure environments;
2.   Improved check processing workflows and the reduction of manual processes that sometimes result in departmental inefficiencies and compromised data integrity;
3.   The deployment of a scalable application with a modern and flexible user interface; and
4.   Advanced reporting capabilities that provide standard built-in reports, and the ability to generate user customizable ad-hoc financial reports
Ultimately, the modernization project will include delivery of a robust financial management solution that provides advanced security, performance, and improved user experience, in accordance with the State's business need and requirements.
The selected Project Manager's primary focus will be to provide the oversight and governance required to deliver the intended solutions identified through this RFR.  The execution of the expected oversight and governance can be achieved through the application of agile practices.  Agile practices emphasize the following principles:
1.            Deliver more value, quickly
2.            Focus on small, frequent capability releases
3.            Enhance communication and transparency
4.            Value of working software over comprehensive documentation
5.            Respond rapidly to changes in priorities, operations, technology, and budgets
6.            Actively involving users throughout development to ensure high operational value
Minimum Qualifications
1.      Project Manager (Senior Project Manager role)  
a.      Education: Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, Business or other related discipline. 
b.      General Experience: At least five (5) years of experience in project management.
c.       Specialized Experience: At least five (5) years of experience in managing IT related projects and must demonstrate a leadership role in at least three successful projects that were delivered on time and on budget.
Experience with a, managing, state or city in a state or city agency financial or  budgeting project.
Experience managing projects using agile processes and practices .
Understanding of and demonstrated experience in using project management tools such as Jira/Greenhopper, Rally, VersionOne or equivalent.  The Agency currently uses VersionOne as its governance tool.
Preferred Qualifications
The additional Experience/Knowledge/Skills listed below are preferred by the State.
2.            Project Manager (Senior Project Manager role) 
Solid understanding of software development life cycle models as well as knowledge of both agile and traditional project management principles and practices and the ability to blend them together in the right proportions to fit a project and business environment.
A proven track record of successfully implementing software or web development projects using agile.
Experience with SCRUM/agile methodologies.
Scaled Agilist (SA), Project Management Institute/Agile Certified Practitioner, Certified Scrum Master, or equivalent.
Experience overseeing multi-function project teams with at least 10-15 team members including developers, business analysts, and quality assurance personnel.
Sufficient level of technical background to provide highly-credible leadership to development teams and to be able to accurately and objectively evaluate complex project risks and issues.
Ability to provide leadership to business analysts and collaborate with customers and develop strategies and solutions of high business value.
Prior experience in working with the State of Maryland and/or DoIT on technology projects.