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Data Solutions Manager
Ref No.: 18-00016
Location: San Diego, California
Position Type:Full Time/Contract
Start Date: 06/06/2018
Major Responsibilities
 Prepares functional requirements, feasibility studies, program specifications, user test plans, user documentation, and user training plans.  Assists in the installation and overall testing of bank developed or vendor supplied packages.  Identifies areas in bank operations which may be improved or which may offer new opportunities to improve the business.  Provides formal and informal user training and general user support.  Examines and improves business models and data flow processes.  Designs application and technical solutions to enhance end-user efficiencies and increase productivity in their job functions.
 Acts as a consultant to user management in planning and implementing system and operational changes, and assists in the preparation of business plans.  Considered highly versatile, and as such, may be called upon to fulfill a variety of functions, which may be deemed necessary by management.  Performs testing and problem resolution on a 24 hour basis.  Regularly provides guidance and training to less experienced staff.  Regularly works under deadlines and may be subject to extreme workloads.  Possesses a high level of analytical skills as recognized by industry standards, as well as extensive bank operations knowledge.
Required Skills/Responsibilities:
 Leads the preparation of business plans, prepares functional requirements and conducts feasibility and cost benefit studies.  Conducts user interviews, contacts vendors, and performs independent research as required.    Resolves system, and technical problems, and makes recommendations to improve application functions.  Prepares formal proposals for management outlining alternative and recommended system solutions.  Defines project scope and objectives.  Demonstrates an expert level of understanding of the systems development life cycle process.  Validates and ensures that functional requirements are met.  Conducts formal implementation reviews.  Anticipates and circumvents problems where possible.  
 Prepares project plans, compiles estimates, and reports status.  Coordinates the work being performed by various system and user areas to ensure that project plans and functional requirements are met.  Exhibits an expert knowledge of the techniques of problem solving, resolving conflicting priorities, and reporting issues requiring resolution to management.
 Prepares test plans, documents test cases, reviews results of tests, and identifies further testing required.
 Exhibits an expert knowledge of testing techniques and the scope needed in a test plan.  
 Assists in technical implementation.
 Credit Card Experience and knowledge of Financial processing and solutions  SQL Server 2008 / SQL Server 2005  Stored Procedures / T-SQL / P-SQL  ETL / Bulk Load / Data Transformation  SSIS / SQL Server Integration Services / Integration Services  VLDB / Very Large Database  SQL CLR  Data Modeling and Design  Database Administration  Performance Optimization / Performance Tuning / Sql Profiler  Indexes / Keys / Foreign Keys / Unique Keys / Clustered Keys  Relational Database  Data Warehousing / Date Warehouse Design  3rd Normal Form / Third Normal Form / 3NF  Star Schema / Snowflake Schema  Type II Dimension / Type 2 Dimension / SCD / Slowly Changing Dimensions  OLTP / OLAP / Cubes  Oracle 9i / Oracle 10g / Oracle  SSMS / SQL Server Management Studio