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Hospitality Ambassador
Ref No.: 22-10101
Location: South San Francisco, California
Important: Genentech currently has an active covid vaccination requirement for all onsite personnel. Effective March 31st, 2022, Genentech will expand this requirement for external workers to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to include having a booster shot in accordance with the CDC recommended interval, with limited exception (Ex: contractors whose roles are working exclusively offsite or have a valid medical or religious accommodation). Genentech has mandated COVID-19 vaccination for their workforce, effective October 1st, 2021. All external personnel providing services to Genentech are required to comply with this requirement.

The role of the Genentech Hospitality team is to deliver value-added operations, programs, and
services that are laser-focused on enhancing the daily experience of our workforce and guests.
The contract Hospitality Ambassador is a position within Site Services that will play an essential role in
this mission by serving as the first point of contact in lobbies, and delivering a consistently exceptional
and exceptionally consistent service experience reflective of our role as the world's leading
biotechnology company.
With the sensitive nature of Genentech's work, this position will work closely with Security colleagues in
our fundamental responsibility of protecting people, products, and pipeline by ensuring safe,
appropriate, and authorized access to the South San Francisco campus. This contract position
requires an individual with impeccable integrity and the ability to handle sensitive and confidential
information with outstanding judgment.
It also requires interacting with employees and visitors from around the world, including executives,
VIPs, and regulatory agencies, as well as multiple stakeholders, such as our Workforce Services
colleagues, Legal & Healthcare Compliance, Corporate Relations, the Genentech Admin community,
Events, Site Operations, and other functions within Site Services.
These key responsibilities, and the unique opportunity this role has to impact 12,000+ Genentech
employees, contractors, consultants, partners, and visitors on a daily basis, will require exceptional
judgment and discretion, as well as a genuine "heart for service”.

Key Job Duties & Responsibilities:
● Deliver a consistently exceptional and exceptionally consistent Hospitality experience that
delights the GNE workforce and visitors, and reinforces we care about serving their unmet
needs. Serve as the single point of contact for lobbies, which are intended to serve as hubs for
information, philanthropy, and community. Champion change to help the Hospitality team reach
new heights.
● Handle all guest and employee interactions with the highest level of professionalism and
hospitality mindset to ensure we are always exceeding expectations. This includes but is not
limited to: processing vendor deliveries, personal items, catering and accommodating special
requests whenever possible. In addition, it is expected that Ambassadors will resolve all
customer inquiries, issues, or concerns promptly and graciously.
● Maintain a close partnership and strong communication with Security colleagues to ensure we
are protecting our people, products, and pipeline. Ensure all outlined security processes are
followed, with all guests properly signed into the Visitor Management System, security badges
assigned as needed, and prompt notification to employee hosts of arriving visitors, candidates,
and other guests.
● Provide excellent customer service over the phone to support our corporate call center as
● Oversee and execute day-to-day partner and Hospitality programs, such as parking placards,
Clipper Cards, transportation, and amenity services. Become a subject matter expert in
assigned lobby or lobbies, as an Ambassador (particularly those assigned as Rovers) may be
asked to support and/or provide backup coverage for any lobby on campus.
● Actively participate in team committees to enhance current Hospitality programs and processes
and recommend improvements.
● Consistently follow all brand guidelines as outlined by Hospitality leadership, including
willingness to wear branded apparel and adhere to a more professional dress code than that
required of our GNE colleagues, much the same way our scientist and manufacturing roles have
their own set of enhanced clothing requirements.
● On occasion, this role also entails being responsible for all aspects of the gnExpress delivery
service; including acceptance, distribution, notification, and storage of business critical
documents. Responsible for distribution and support of lobby supplies on an as needed basis.
● Assist with various Hospitality projects as assigned.

Key Competencies Identified for Success:
The ideal candidate will have a strong hospitality background and a demonstrated "heart for service,”
share a passion for teamwork and collaboration, and have a solution-oriented mindset dedicated to the
continual improvement of Genentech's service experience.
Additionally, they will demonstrate the ability to:
● Display full knowledge of the job, becoming a subject matter expert with the additional ability to
communicate and share that expertise with the GNE workforce and guests. Display a general
knowledge of multiple related functions, to help build strong relationships with key stakeholders,
partners, and customers, and serve as advocates for their feedback and ideas.
● Embody a continuous improvement mindset by:
○ making valuable recommendations towards developing and improving operating policies
and procedures to ensure and increase the quality, precision, and timeliness of service
○ embracing new technologies, workflows, and other process improvements, particularly
when related to the safety, productivity, and convenience of Genentech's workforce and
○ being receptive to feedback and suggestions from our teammates, workforce, guests,
and open to coaching and development from supervisors, managers and mentors.
● Act as a self-starter and work under limited supervision, with the sound decision-making abilities
and business judgment to make decisions within established policies and procedures, and in
some cases, even serve as a team lead on projects or committees, but also take direction and
follow verbal and written instructions when required.
● Be adaptable and flexible to changing business priorities, particularly in an increasingly agile,
iterative environment. Effectively prioritize multiple priorities, including in the face of other
distractions, while maintaining an impeccably gracious demeanor and focus.
● Maintain a solution-oriented mindset, with solid analytical and problem-solving skills, attempting
to use available resources to problem-solve when encountering challenges or roadblocks, and
constantly looking for opportunities to anticipate needs and problems, then exceed
● Possess exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, and demonstrate a warm,
gracious, and professional demeanor in all interactions, which includes treating fellow contract
or full time teammates and colleagues with the identical level of consideration and respect as
our guests and visitors.
● Foster a spirit of generosity and an attitude of gratitude within our team, as well as the larger
GNE community, and be aligned with our core values of service and philanthropy.

Key Qualifications
● High School diploma required, and either 3 – 4 years of relevant corporate hospitality work
experience in a fast-paced environment with exceptionally high standards, or commensurate
high-touch, white-glove customer service experience in another industry (e.g., high-end hotel or
● Advanced proficiency with common business software applications such as MS Office Suite and
the Google Suite of tools (e.g., gMail, gCal), as well as the ability to quickly master other more
complex, business-specific technology tools (e.g. cloud-based visitor and call center
management software)
● Demonstrated ability to operate standard office equipment (telephone systems, copiers,
scanners, printers, fax machines).
● This position is not eligible for relocation.
● Must have a valid California driver's license, adhere to all traffic laws, and obey all traffic and
driving rules.
● Position requires contract staff to work either 7am - 4pm or 8am to 5pm each day. Remote work
is not an option with this role.
● Mandatory attendance at town hall and team meetings is required.
● Client requests a 12 month commitment in role before pursuing additional opportunities within
the company.
● Employee safety certification required to be completed within the first 6 months of assignment.