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Technician Facilities
Ref No.: 22-09944
Location: Columbus, Ohio
100% in the Office; Monday - Friday 9:00 / 9:30 am to 5:30 /6 pm

- Build PCs either own PC or through a company or school
- Has knowledge of PC(Hardware) components and peripherals
- Worked in warehouse - shipping and receiving
- Experience with Inventory management
- Service Now knowledge is a plus

Priorities will vary. Below is a scope of what the team does.
General Surplus
• Open boxes - 80-120 boxes/day
• Sort our known ITAD / recycle stream
o Includes initial cleaning for laptops only if reusable
• Segregate monitors and laptops / PCs
• Cleaned
• Tested
• Disposition - Recycle or ITAD
o ITAD: - Vendor/Supplier
o Reuse: boxed for Insight
• Asset tagging (if needed)
• Diagnostics (BIOS)
o ITAD - queue for Vendor
o Broken
Warranty Repair (30 min per machine)
Data sanitize / pull hard drive
Create ticket in SNOW
Request box from vendor (wait...)
Receive Box from OEM
Ship PC for Repair
Receive PC; run back through diags and stock
• Configure/Refurbish/Deploy PC
o Bio-sanitize and clean fully
o Skin/Shell deployment
o PCaaS state updated
o Memory upgrade
o Battery upgrade
o SSD replacement
o Keyboard replacement
o Laptop screen replacement
o Queue for pre-load of Operating System imaging on bench
o Assist in building and loading machine business loads
• Assist in Data Recovery Process
Inventory Management
• Audits
o Weekly Audits
o Quarterly Audits
• Hardware
o Receiving/Shipping
o Docking Station Diagnostics, Testing, & Deployment
Firmware Updates
o Power Adapter Diagnostics, Testing, & Deployment
o Battery Diagnostics, Testing, & Deployment
o Memory Shipments