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Tech Lead, VR Assets
Ref No.: 22-09303
Location: Remote Location, California
Approved Meta Remote Locations: Denver, CO ($), New York, NY ($), Houston, TX ($), Los Angeles, CA ($), and San Diego, CA ($).

Role Description


The Tech Lead drives our 3D asset pipeline for the Global Historical Archive (GHA). GHA enables people to defy distance and engage with heritage sites around the world in VR, on the web, and on other Metaverse channels. The teammate will work with global teammates to create and digitize assets for global sites, optimize and deploy assets onto Metaverse channels, and improve our pipeline over time. The work will be a mix of hands-on development and team facilitation. As a hands-on contributor, the teammate will develop and optimize assets such as site scans, 3D models, and more. As a facilitator, the teammate will collaboratively set and drive key results in our pipeline while also being a lead contributor to partnerships and strategic initiatives.

-Facilitate Pipeline Efficiency: drive assets to production by completing daily, weekly, and quarterly check-ins with internal teammates and global partners. Measure: number of 3D assets (site visit reconstructions and artifacts) delivered every 2 months.
-Drive Asset Production: collaborate in a hands-on way with global teammates to produce 3D assets such as site visit reconstructions, artifacts, site backgrounds, and site revisions. Measure: number of weekly check ins and Team Health score.
-Manage Production Operations: align pipeline production to overall product strategy. Measure: an average score of 0.5 or higher on related Product OKRs.
-Facilitate Pipeline Improvements and Experiments: work with teammates to explore pipeline improvements and experiments. Measure: impact on Production Time and Production Cost.
-Technical Troubleshooting: Facilitate team discussions in resolving technical issues, bugs, and other tactical challenges. Measure: Team Health Score.


-Organization and attention to detail: plans, organizes, schedules, and budgets in an efficient manner. Focuses on key priorities. Does not let important details be forgotten or derail a project.
-Solution- and action-oriented: solves for opportunities and risks in work. Moves quickly and drives progress without being abrasive. Acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas.
-Facilitation: able to respectfully and efficiently facilitate teammates and delegate work across different countries, teams, working cultures, and levels of experience
-Flexibility and adaptability: adjusts quickly to changing priorities, and conditions, and technical considerations. Copes effectively with complexity and change.
-Work ethic: possesses a strong willingness to work hard to get work done. Has a track record of completing work with a can-do attitude.
-High standards: expects personal and team performance to be nothing short of the best and works with teammates to achieve high standards.
-Listening skills: empowers teammates, lets others speak, and seeks to understand their viewpoints. Able to communicate with kindness, assume best intent, and resolve difficult situations peacefully.
-Communication: speaks and writes clearly without being overly verbose. Maintains and supports that standard in all forms of communication.
Strategic thinking and visioning: able to see and communicate broader needs. Determines opportunities and risks through analysis or current and future trends.

Minimum Requirements

-3-5 years of experience with facilitating 3D assets and pipelines.
-3-5 years experience using 3D asset tools and engines to create realistic, interactive AR/VR experiences (Unity, Reality Capture, Blender, Houdini, PhotoShop, etc). Experience with 3D mesh reconstruction tools (such as Reality Capture) is a strong plus and work with such platforms will be required.
-3-5 years experience in facilitating team progress and driving strategic project execution, preferably via 2+ years of work in project management and/or production (driving pipelines, goals, budgets, schedules, contracts, etc)
-Welcomes remote and global collaboration on a flexible schedule (some days as early as 8AM Pacific Time).
Comments for Suppliers: ***Portfolio needed for review***

Interview process:

1: Initial screen reviewing portfolio
2: VC interview with team discussing previous experience
3. Possible final round interview with CWAM