Ref No.: 22-05682
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Pay Rate : $ 15.50 /Hour
Airport Line Service Quality Control and Efficiency Coordinator Agent 

POSITION HOURS: Must Have Open Availability

Under immediate supervision, is responsible for fueling and servicing of aircraft, fueling of ground equipment, greeting customers, assisting with baggage, guiding towing and parking aircraft, loading and unloading of cargo aircraft and operating point of sale machine

  • Provide fueling services to aircraft and ground equipment.
  • Perform quality control on fueling vehicles.
  • Service aircraft to include air starts, lavatory and potable water.
  • Maintains facility and equipment cleanliness before and after operations.
  • Perform transactions for products and services rendered.
  • Loads and unloads cargo aircraft, baggage, move freight, operate ground service equipment.
  • Maintains machinery and vehicles in proper operating condition needed to service aircraft.
  • Maintains security awareness and hazardous materials awareness appropriate to the airport and aircraft environment.
  • Other duties as appropriate from other relative job descriptions.
  • Other assignments and/or duties as directed.
  • Understand all job functions of Fuel System Specialist and be able to perform them in event of needed coverage at the fuel farm
  • Ensure all Fuel Truck Quality Control Inspections are completed correctly, on time and logged by assigning the work to line service specialists and verifying when complete
  • Review logs weekly for completeness
  • Ensure all Fuel Farm Quality Control Inspections are completed correctly, on time and logged
  • Review logs weekly for completeness
  • Review vehicle inspections daily and report discrepancies to admin/management to get repairs initialized and prioritized
  • Review daily standard work assignments to verify completeness
  • Report issues to management
  • Delegate work assigned by management as needed to most appropriate person/shift
  • Organize, monitor deadlines and assist with all fuels training pertaining to maintaining currency with all regulations and airline/customer training requirements
  • Perform initial and recurrent training for line service specialist
  • Schedule, prepare and assist conducting FBO fuelers meetings with focus on safety, customer service and procedural changes
  • Prepare and self-audit records on a regular basis and prior to any customer audits to ensure readiness and accuracy
  • Fuel Truck QC
  • Fuel Farm QC
  • De-Icing Training
  • Fueler Training
  • Hazmat Training
  • Other Customer Auditable Requirements
  • Provide coaching and general guidance to line service specialists and administrative support to promote solid customer service by maintaining proficiency with all aspects of FBO fueling, customer communications and transaction processing
  • Assist management to create, implement and monitor standardization procedures to ensure consistent service provided to all customers

Work in an indoor and outdoor environment; ability to work in adverse weather conditions. Must be able to work under hazardous conditions (i.e. high places, moving machinery, noise, etc.). The worker is subject to fumes, odors, dusts, hot and cold climates, precipitation.
Shift – Scheduled, must be available after hours.
Flooring – carpet and concrete surfaces.
Lighting – variable, natural and artificial light.
Temperature – variable environmental conditions based on the daily weather forecast. May be exposed to seasonal temperatures and precipitation, dust etc.
Noise – subject to aircraft engine and equipment noise
Safety equipment – gloves, safety work boots, safety goggles/glasses, ear plugs and/or other personal protective equipment depending on job assignment, etc.

Education/Certification High school diploma or GED.
Must possess and maintain a valid Ohio driver license, in good standing.
Experience Heavy machinery and/or vehicle operator experience preferred.
Skills/Abilities Ability to read and understand training manuals.
Ability to work well independently.
Ability to cooperate and communicate well with others.
Ability to maintain a positive attitude.
Required to have regular and predictable attendance.
Ability to work as part of a team, take direction and learn quickly in a fast-paced environment.
Strong computer skills.

Climbing Up to three flights including ladders, stairs, ramps, etc.
Stooping Bending downward and forward at the waist. Requires full use of lower extremities and back muscles.
Kneeling Resting on knee or knees.
Crouching Bending downward and forward at the leg and spine.
Reaching Extending hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction.
Standing For extended time periods.
Walking Especially for long distances.
Pushing Using upper body to press against something with steady force.
Pulling Using upper body to draw, drag, haul, or tug objects.
Lifting Use of upper body and back muscles to lift objects.
Grasping Using fingers and palm on an object for gripping, lifting anf pushing.
Average hearing Ability to hear average or normal conversations and receive ordinary information.
Fine, acute visual abilities Fine visual acuity, color vision; or depth perception and/or field of vision.
Physical strength Must be physically able to perform the essential functions and basic duties of assigned job.
Ability to lift up to 70 lbs.

All candidates must be able to pass a fingerprint criminal history check in order to receive airport badge.

Additional Job Requirements for Fueler:
  • Must be comfortable working outside in all-weather climates
  • Reliability and Dependability is a must, limited back up options for the client when employees miss their scheduled shift
  • Ability to work independently
  • Right fit individual must be mechanically inclined based on the equipment they use
  • Professionalism is key as the candidate is interacting with Rickenbacker's Customers
  • Transportation that allows them to be self-reliant on arriving to work
  • FT Positions require limited scheduling restrictions on when the candidate can work
  • Ability to adapt to changes with the schedule, flights and work environment
  • Open to cross training/assisting other areas