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Material Handler
Ref No.: 20-03059
Location: Taylor, Michigan
Pay Rate : $ 15.00 - 15.00 /Hour
Worthington Industries: Position Roles and Responsibilities

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Position Summary
The Material Handling role is an entry-level hourly position for Steel. Incumbents perform multiple tasks throughout the day to ensure safe and quality production.
Employees are responsible for moving material around the plant with a forklift and/or crane in order for production to run smoothly. In addition, incumbents may package/band material, weigh, load/unload material from machines and stage material. Employees may also be responsible for building arbors and setting up machines for running.
This position is a consolidation of the following hourly positions: Helper, Packager, Weigher, Cab Crane Operator 2, Stacker/Tow motor Operator, Stockperson & Delta's Receiving Guard.
Key Position Results (Examples: Accurate financial reporting, Timely issue resolution, etc.)
➢ Timely, Safe and efficient completion of material handling duties
➢ Accurate and timely packaging and movement of material
➢ Timely flow of material and change-overs that contribute to process efficiency

Key Duties & Responsibilities % of Time Spent Performing Task
➢ Material Handling: Move and stage material as scheduled for optimum machine efficiency. Provide machine support by emptying scrap tubs and ensuring lines are cleared of finished product. Locate material into finished goods as needed. Provide the line with needed materials.
➢ Packaging: Package materials for shipment - Must be able to set up, make adjustments, and troubleshoot machines in order to maintain good quality and good production. Track orders and tags. Follow bill of material in order to match product with proper packaging and skidding.
➢ Machine Set-up & Operation Assistance: Perform multiple tasks to ensure ongoing machine operation.
➢ Weighing: Verifies all packaging specifications are met, and weighs & tags material
➢ May perform housekeeping duties within the plant when necessary

➢ WSP – Incumbents may obtain test samples and representative defect samples and visually inspect material for non-conformance

➢ Other duties as assigned
*Percentages may vary by plant
Must Total 100%
Completed By: Consolidated Steel Hourly Date Completed: 9/2/07
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Critical Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
➢ Must be able to handle physical, repetitive work and be able to stand on your feet for 8 hrs a day.
➢ Must have good hand-eye coordination
➢ Mechanical aptitude a plus, but not required.
➢ Competent in basic math skills
➢ Must be able to read, follow detailed instructions and understand English
➢ Must be able to distinguish between part numbers and sizes
➢ Must be able to count and label parts accurately
➢ Must understand and follow the quality policy and procedures – detect defects
➢ Must follow all safety policies and procedures
➢ Must be able to handle small parts
➢ Must have good safety awareness and efficiency skills
➢ Must be able to read and understand bill of material and or production order
➢ Can read and comprehend written instructions on productions
➢ Basic Computer Skills
➢ Must be able to count and label parts accurately
➢ Must understand and follow the quality policy and procedures
➢ Can read a tape measure
➢ Can write legibly
➢ Can operate banding tools
➢ Ability to recognize quality issues and problems
➢ Communication skills
Education / Training Required
➢ 0-6 months prior manufacturing experience preferred
➢ Required OSHA safety training
➢ Forklift Operators License / Crane License
➢ Must have valid driver's license
Worthington Industries: Position Roles and Responsibilities (Cont.)
Position Discretion, Authority and Independent Judgment
1) Describe the decisions and independent judgments made by incumbents in this position.
Employees are allowed to stop the line if it is unsafe or if they have found a quality issue
2) Describe the decisions made by incumbents in this position that are based on defined processes or parameters (i.e., pricing matrix). Please attach copies of any applicable decision templates or procedures.
Must be able to successfully run products based on the customer requirements of materials given for the day.
3) Describe how the discretionary decisions and independent judgments affect operating income or other matters of significance.
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