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Research Associate IV
Ref No.: 20-01955
Location: South San Francisco, California
Research Associate IV
2 year contract with conversion to full time based on performance // start date will be dependent upon COVID-19 restrictions, as this role is 100% laboratory-based

MUST-HAVE SKILLS (Ranked by Priority)
  1. CRISPR – Immortalized or primary cell lines
  2. NGS
  3. Immune cell interaction
Education Requirements
  • Minimum Bachelors degree with 5 years of experience in oncology research and clinical trials with above mentioned skills
  • Masters graduates accepted with 3-5 years of experience
  • PhD candidates with a biological background, specifically having done research in this area
  • Candidates must have a biology degree - immunology, genetics, molecular, etc.
The job will provide an excellent opportunity to work with enthusiastic scientists in an encouraging research friendly environment. It will also allow you to validate findings from the on-going phase 3 clinical trials and explore Client hypotheses that may have direct impact on the future disease area strategy. Responsibilities would include designing and conducting experiments to validate observations from clinical trials, keep up to date with literature, maintain lab notebook, analyze data, and present in regular meetings. In particular, individual will need to implement CRISPR based genome editing methodologies, immune-tumor cell invitro co culture assays, next generation sequencing assays including single nuclei RNAseq, single cell RNAseq, and bulk RNAseq.

Qualified candidates will have a skillset demonstrating successful application of CRISPR/Cas-9 based gene editing, gene expression NGS assays, genetic manipulation either in cell-based systems or model organisms. Preferred expertise includes some or all of the following: knowledge in cell signaling, immuno-phenotyping, flow-cytometry, tumor/stromal-immune cell interaction assays, next generation sequencing, western blotting, primary and/or stem cell models, genome engineering, immune cell culture, 2D and 3D tumor cell culture, molecular cloning and RNA/DNA/protein quantification. Working knowledge of single cell biology, biostatistics, and/or basic bioinformatics is strongly desired. The successful candidate will be someone who is communicative, explores new ideas/hypotheses, and is able to independently design experiments to test the hypothesis.