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Project Manager IV
Ref No.: 19-07153
Location: Vacaville, California
Job Title: Project Manager IV
Location: Vacaville, CA
Pay Rate: Based on Experience
This is an excellent opportunity to start a career with a leading biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes medicines to treat patients with serious or life-threatening medical conditions. They are among the world' s largest biotech companies, with multiple products on the market and a promising development pipeline.
Project Background:
Certain pressure relief devices (PRD) in CCP 1, CCP 2, and Utility Generation at the Vacaville site require recreation of calculations typically included with turn-over packages (TOP). These calculations are needed for a complete history of sizing, installation, maintenance, and inspection status, for PRDs, and must be filed within existing equipment TOPs. These calculations must be certified by a licensed professional engineer in the state of California in the relevant field (process and/or mechanical). There are approximately 1000 plus PRD’s in CCP 1, CCP 2, and Utility areas (Bldg. 2 and respective distributions).
Scope of Work
1. Prepare the Scope of Work for the 3rd Party Process Engineering and Consulting that will be calculating and recommending the selection of the PRD’s, and conduct the bidding process leading to an award – 60 man-hours

2. Review and approve the methodology of the calculations that include pressure/vacuum relief scenarios – 20 man-hours

3. Prepare the required calculations support information that includes, but not limited to, P&IDs, vessel and equipment certified drawings and data sheets, processing materials physical properties and safety data, pump curves, control valve and pressure regulator sizing and data information – 270 man-hours

4. Develop and approve the calculation template and summary – 24 man-hours

5. Review the 3rd party calculations against the corporate guidance documents, National Codes (ASME / NFPA 30) and recommended practices (API RP 520-1/2, API RP 521, API 2000) – Allowed hours per scenarios that produce viable relief discharge for a family of devices (204 man-hours):
  • Building Fire Scenario for vessels and associated rupture discs – 20 hours
  • Building Fire Scenario for jackets and associated pressure relief valves – 24 hours
  • Blocked-in pump discharges for both rupture discs and pressure relief valves – 40 hours
  • Failure of the pressure regulators for rupture discs – 40 hours
  • Specific Heat exchanger equipment failures (tube rupture) – 40 hours
  • Thermal expansion calculations for pressure relief valves – 40 hours
Preparation of Summary Reports for family of pressure relief devices – 60 hours
Coordination Meetings – 32 hours
TOTAL MAN-HOURS:      670                                                                                  
Expected Outcome
Preparation of Bid Package for the selection of the 3rd party engineering firm and award of the contract. Successful re-creation of missing pressure relief devices calculations followed by recommendation on inspection and maintenance. Supplemented equipment TOP packages.