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Executive Office Assistant
Ref No.: 18-02605
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Pay Rate : $ 18.00 - 20.00 /Hour
  • Mission for Executive Office Assistant
    • Make everyone in the organization feel better, work better, and be more productive
    • Ensure the office building is ready for clients and staff each day
    • Make CEO a more effective leader by helping him focus on the most important tasks for his role
      • Eliminate the minutia that CEO does not need to handle personally
      • Handle various repetitive tasks that typically come to CEO but that you can handle instead
      • Intercept communication (email, calls, meeting requests, staff requests) prior to them going to CEO and handle as able. Direct tasks that only CEO can handle to him
      • Look for and suggest ways you can remove work from CEO's plate or simply make the work CEO does move faster
  • Office Organization
    • Office is fully stocked, organized and clean
    • All systems are kept in good working order (phone tree, printers, AC/Heat, etc.)
    • All systems are fully documented and easy for others to understand and assist with
    • Run weekly reports as directed
    • Assist all others in the office to be organized and have what they need to complete their tasks quickly
  • Assistant to Sales Team
    • Create and send professional gifts and cards to clients as directed by sales team
    • Create content for online marketing efforts (blogs, case studies, social media posts) by interviewing appropriate staff members and brainstorming content individually
    • Answer the primary office phone throughout the workday
    • Proactively reach out to clients as directed
    • Assist sales team with reviewing and creating estimates and presentations
  • Assistant to Bookkeeper
    • Conduct all filing and other paperwork as assigned by bookkeeper in professional manner
    • Assist with initial invoice collection reminders and paperwork
  • Vendor and Client Management
    • Vendors and clients received accurate and timely information as needed to maintain a great working relationship with our company
  • HR
    • Treat all employee information as confidential
    • Handle all employee onboarding and terminations according to company standards and legal requirements
    • Keep all employee folders and agreements up to date and well organized
    • Track PTO, Jury Duty and other HR related information on a weekly basis
  • Other
    • Proactively look for and find tasks to help others with
    • Other tasks as assigned
​​Necessary Skills:
  • A proactive attitude that lets you see areas you can help with without being asked directly
  • Rock solid organization (ability to find and retrieve information quickly)
  • Flexibility: Able to switch tasks quickly and handle changes in job requirements throughout the day
  • Awesome attitude towards good and bad situations (composure under pressure)
  • Personal chemistry with staff members so that conversation is easy, fluid, trusting, mutually respectful, and natural.
  • Honesty and integrity. You will not breach confidentiality unless legally required to do so
  • Drive: You get stuff done quickly and are always looking for the next task
  • Great written and verbal communication skills (with clients, peers, and managers)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • 2-3 year experience
  • Extensive experience with Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Ability to lift 25 lbs
Performance Metrics and Goals:
  • Complete all assigned tasks on time and with exceptional quality
  • Find more tasks then assigned weekly so you grow your experience and positive influence in the company
  • Above and Beyond, Teamwork, Innovation, Communication