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Financial Services Analyst- Bilingual (Spanish)
Ref No.: 18-00660
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
A Fortune 100 leader in the insurance and financial services industry is hiring!
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Job Title: Financial Services Analyst- Bilingual (Spanish)
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • $16.50/Hr Starting Off
  • After approximately 6 months, your pay will increase to a little over $17 an hour
Job Summary:
You will be receiving inbound calls and assisting customers with retirement questions. Starting off you will assist with password resets, contribution confirmations, and account balances questions. One you get the familiar with those processes you will begin to help with more in-depth questions that involve transactions and taking out loans.
Position Description:
This position is a great way to get your foot in the door and begin a career. After starting in this role, the majority of people move into higher level finance roles, however you could ultimately move into sales, management, or any other department you desire.
  • Receive and respond to incoming calls from customers/ brokers/ agents
  • Provide prompt efficient service
  • Educate customers on options available to them
  • Consult and interpret contract provisions for current and past products and assumed business
  • Assist customers with financial transactions
  • Process Monetary Transactions
  • Resolves routine errors requiring corrective processing
  • Reviews, researches, and interprets records and reports to accurately make decisions
  • Perform other duties as requested
As a reminder, here are some of the questions that you might receive:
  • Once a customer reaches 71 in a half, if they haven’t started to take money out of retirement, it’s required by the government that they do. Nationwide will automatically send them a check in the mail, so they are not fined. People may be calling in and asking you why they received a check from their account.
  • You may receive calls from customers asking about making adjustment on the percentage of their paycheck being contributed into their retirement. I always explain to people that if you are trying to max out your retirement account for the year, you may be contributing a lot more at the beginning and then make adjustments more towards the end.
  • This is a position requires excellent phone skills and excellent computer skills.
  • The employee must have the ability to deliver friendly customer service while talking on the phone and working through computer systems simultaneously
  • A Bachelor’s degree in finance or business is highly preferred
  • Candidates without a Bachelor’s degree will be considered with the right qualifications
  • A knowledge or interest in finance is strongly preferred