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Scientific Software Developer/ Bioinformatician Team Lead
Ref No.: 22-10457
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Pay Rate : C$ 54.64 - 61.47 /Hour
Project Role

GERMLINE harmonizes and integrates Human Genetics results with other types of results (transcriptomic, knockout, etc) and provides a portal by which scientists can interactively explore the insights these results provide. As a part of the project, a pipeline has been developed that helps in finding evidence for causality of genes. The portal democratizes access to these results and eases decision making for biologists throughout the company. This has been a successful effort: multiple interesting findings have been reported in the few months since it has gone live. This is an exciting opportunity to conduct clinical-translational bioinformatics research


4+ years of experience required with a minimum of a Master's degree in Information Technology, Bioinformatics, or related sciences; advanced degree in Biological field with significant computational training also acceptable; PhD and postdoctoral experience preferred

Required Skills

● 4+ years of professional experience in R and Python development
● Team leadership experience, student supervision experience
● Experience in biological data analysis
● Software development experience, working in a collaborative environment on a single codebase.
● R / Python package development
● Experience with CI/CD tools (jenkins, gitlab CI)
● Good knowledge of bash scripting and pipeline development (eg. NextFlow, Snakemake)
● Experience with linux and HPC clusters and Containerization (docker / singularity)
● Experience with git and gitflow
● Relational databases (e.g. PostgreSQL, Apache Spark)
● Advocate of good coding and documentation practices, motivating others to embrace them.
● Experience with Software testing ( eg. Unit testing)
● Excellent communication, advanced English reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Preferred Skills and Experience

● Product owner-like skills - gathering requirements, contact with clients / stakeholders (SCRUM Agile Environment)
● Experience with communication across teams with different backgrounds (e.g. tech - non-tech, backend - frontend)
● Genomics-related analyses
● Cloud based solutions (AWS, GCP)