Previous Job
Software Design Engineer in Test 2
Ref No.: 17-03364
Location: REDMOND, Washington
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 08/10/2017
We have a new position with Microsoft. Look forward to your support here.

Request ID: 74524-1
Job Title: External Staff - Software Design Engineer in Test 2 (Engineering)
Anticipated Start Date: 9/5/2017
Estimated end date: 6/30/2018 and planning for extension for 12 to 18 months overall based on FY19 budget
Organization: 1010 - MICROSOFT
Request Type: US Contractor
Building Location: STUDIO C
Building Location: REDMOND

Build Engineer that understands the ins and outs of the build systems. How to integrate them. Hopefully they have used Package ES, VSTS (Visual Studio Online) build experience. 60% is currently maintaining the build systems. Establish test automation. Deploy to device lab, run automated tests, blocking builds. This is more test heavy role. Need to have C#. Development of entire test systems and make sure they understand the entire testing process. Using the test harnesses, we have but lots of customization and maintenance work. Any ATLAS or WTT experience is a HUGE Plus.

A CSG build engineer to start on our team to manage our VSO builds and establish an automated test system.
Required skillset:
· Expert in MSBuild and VSO build system
· Fluent in Powershell
· Experience with Windows server administration and configuration, Virtual Machines
· Experience and knowledge with software development lifecycle
· C# development skills
Optional (bonus) skills:
· Experience with Azure portal and resource management
· Experience in test automation tools

3 to 5 years of experience with build systems shipping a product. This not just SDK but we are shipping our products to end users.
Need to have passion and truly excited about build/testing systems.
No degrees or certifications required. Degree preferred but not required, experience over education for this role.
Disqualifiers: Would be having a lot of short-term assignments. Need candidate to be truly excited and passionate about testing and Builds.
Having experience with C++ is relevant, but C# is better.
Experience with test tools
Meeting deadlines
Quality of work
No build breaks
  • Top 3 must-have hard skills
  • Level of experience with each
  • Stack-ranked by importance
1 Expert in MS Build and VSO (VSTS) build system
2 Fluent in PowerShell
3 Experience with Azure and C#