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Commissioning & Start-up Procedure Writers
Ref No.: 14-28225
Location: Birmingham, Texas

We are hiring several CSS Technical Writer Specialists to support Commissioning and Start-up for KBR in Houston, TX.   


Scope & Authority & Responsibilities

         Technical Manual & Procedure  Development - Plant / Facility Design & Operation

         Interacting with Engineering & Operations - A discipline specialist with In depth understanding of Operations        

         Provides formal guidance and mentoring to team members through expertise and extensive experience in own technical/ industrial discipline, either as a formal technical trainer/ evaluator or mentor.

         10-15 years� experience in similar technical/ industrial field of work.

         Progression to this level is typically restricted on the basis of individual capabilities and business requirements.  


Job Purpose      

To write operating manuals & Commissioning & Start-up procedures for Operating an O&G Facility


Role and Responsibilities

         Responsible for safety, efficiency, and clarity of activity for performance of described specialized activities included in commissioning / start-up procedures and manuals developed 

         Ensure the current technical and operational references are utilized in the development of the commissioning / start-up procedures and manuals and follow all standards, regulations  applicable to the activity and facility.       

         Verifies that client commissioning / start-up procedures and guidelines are aligned with commissioning / start-up procedural developments.

         Evaluates and reasonably reflects the requirements in clear, concise language understandable to operators at the facility (English language)

         Ensures inter-discipline collaboration in the development of commissioning / start-up procedures and manuals including the collation of documentation.           

         Capability to resolve technical interface issues  


Education, Qualification & Experience

         Technical Engineer Degree

         5 -15 years� experience in similar technical / industrial field of Chemical & Refinery work.

         Work practices typically applicable to Client (Utilities in Refinery) Operations Work Process and sub work processes

         Other best practice work processes that link to Client pre-commissioning, Commissioning & Maintenance Work Process

         Knowledgeable of IT tools (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, CMMS, etc.)

         Have strong interpersonal skill to interface with Client Leaders, Engineering, Operations Personnel, Project Management

         Be able to effectively communicate and understand the needs and functions of Client operations sites/cultures.


Please send me your resume if you would like to be considered.


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Margaret Anne Crawford | Senior Technical Recruiter, CSP

Allstates Technical Services, LLC, A KBR Company

* 10 Inverness Center Drive, Suite 350 | Birmingham, AL 35242

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