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Engineering Technician 2
Ref No.: 18-19339
Location: Issaquah, Washington
8:00am to 4:30pm
  • Supports all Engineering activities by taking over predefined task, e.g. by preparation of documentations, determination and selection of standard material or maintenance of bills of material.* May be specialized in a field of action and work independently on work packages in that field. In Administration / (Technical) Customer Services: Incumbent is expected to cope - due to experience - with multiple choice situations in number of processes and routines.
  • Thinking is about applying / adapting the "right " procedure to a process or an issue arising.
  • Unexpected situations need effective solution.
  • In Production: Operates with a range of machines and equipment, which effectively need different parameter setting and intensive control of production process.
  • May include automated line production control in relatively medium complex environment.
  • Or: operates in the set-up, maintenance, repair and/or installation of dedicated machines in the production line.In Assembly:
  • Contributes to fairly complex, however routine and repetetive assembly processes, where a team of differently qualified specialitsts is involved.
  • Assembly process for one item may take hours or even more then one day to complete.
  • System or product might be customized, designed for specific needs. "Vocationally trained Operator / Administrator ":
  • Deliver full range service in a defined and focused technical or administrative area of work, while clear input / output relations and generic and /or work specific guidelines, procedures are given or available. Positions need basic level of theoretical and practical know how, skills and typically some level related years of experience, in specialized processes, techniques and systems used in office, production or lab environment. In Administration / Customer Services:
  • Position operates major parts or full spectrum of dedicated specialized standard software packages. Incumbents may handle routine and non-complex practical enquiries and procedures from internal or external customers.In Technical Customer Services: Service group employee, serving internal and external customer with technical or administrative standardized services and processes, to complete or add the delivery according to service level agreed. In Production: Automated line processing and controlling, or operating with a broader range of production machines in production lines are examples for this level or work.T
  • ypical positions: Mechanic Technology Operator, Floor Assembly Operator, Administrative Functional Support 3 year vocational training
+ 3 years practical experience needed
Basic knowledge and experience of principles, procedures, work routines and skills in the related field of work, gained through structured and focused 3-year vocational training period.

  • Participates in the planning, scheduling and monitoring of the movement of materials through the FAC cycle.
  • Provides semi-complex clerical support to engineering and materials management in data entry, filing, coordinating paper flow.
  • Responds to inquiries relating to packing lists and shipping instruction.
  • Compiles and maintains records such as time, date, quantity, source and destination of materials received or shipped; inputs data into shipping and/or inventory tracking systems; prepares charts and reports from related databases
  • Participates in inventory audits on a regular basis to detect discrepancies.
  • Performs semi-complex work within technical or paraprofessional area.
  • Effectively identifies problems as part of failure analysis and identify root cause where the problem is not difficult or complex.
  • Refers complex, unusual problems to others.