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Golf Cart Helper Trainer with Driving
Ref No.: 18-16997
Location: Tampa, Florida
Job Title:Golf Cart Helper Trainer with Driving
Duration: 3 month(s)
Pay $33.00/hr
Work Week:1 - Monday, 2 - Tuesday, 3 - Wednesday, 4 - Thursday, 5 - Friday
Hours: 9am to 6pm

The Golf Cart Helper Trainer will be responsible for training golf cart helpers based on company guidelines. She/he will provide training in an on-road setting giving an overview of UPS Safe Work Methods and DOT regulations. The position requires that the trainer will be riding and driving in a leased vehicle off property. The trainer will train golf cart helpers on the road to assess utilization of package delivery and safety methods. The trainer will reinforce the health and safety culture UPS expects of all employees. The Golf Cart Helper Trainer is also responsible for reviewing the needs provided by the operations. The trainer will work closely with the operations management team, communicating and tracking golf cart helper performance.
Job Requirements
• No DQF is required for this position
• Must be at least 21 years old
• Golf Cart Helper Trainer must be PITO certified by qualified UPS management and possess a valid state driver's license. Once on-boarded, PITO training will take place by written documentation and testing as well as on-cart demonstration.
• Must demonstrate a detailed understanding of processes, procedures and methods; demonstrate a broad knowledge of equipment and technology; describe and understand the general structure of the operation.
• Must have the ability to interact with people holding different positions as well as different responsibilities.
• Must able to communicate effectively; work pace is very demanding and will require a great deal of walking and physical exertion; requires the ability to safely handle maximum carrying capacity of parcels weighing up to 70 pounds. Requires a considerable amount of record keeping which will necessitate neatness and accuracy.
• The trainer will work approximately 40 hours per week.
• Must be flexible to locations and assignments as needed. Flexible to travel in personal vehicle up to 50 miles from origin location, etc.
• The position may, as needed, require that the trainer travel in their personal vehicle from one location to another. [Worker will be reimbursed approved mileage expenses following the UPS Expense Guidelines.]
• This trainer position does not have the authority to make any pre-employment or employment decisions, or sign regulatory documents. These roles/responsibilities would fall to the UPS management person that the trainer reports to. This person will be responsible for providing input to the UPS management on the golf cart helper's status (qualified/not qualified).