Previous Job
Spray Painter
Ref No.: 18-16798
Location: Windsor, Connecticut
Spray Painter
Hours: 6:30am to 3:00pm

  • Knowledge Use of elementary geometry, algebra and trigonometric principles together with the use of specifications, paint formularization.
  • Equivalent to 1 to 3 years of applied training in a particular or specialized occupation.
Physical Demands
Light physical demand frequently lifting or moving lightweight material. Mental or Visual Demand Concentrated mental and visual attention. Working to close limits of high accuracy and quality.

Work from process travelers, Q.C. specifications and instructions from supervisor.
Check masking and ensure that non-painted areas are suitably masked.
Mix paint according to manufacturers- instructions and apply Laminar X-500 base coat (off white) to vane airfoil and test piece.
After test piece is sprayed with vanes, submit to Quality Control for coating quality and thickness verification tests.
Apply paint in even coats to final specified thickness.
Allow drying between coats and allowing final coat to dry prior to sanding.
Inspect coating for runs, pits or voids after each coating.
Correct defects, if any, by local touch-up and/or light abrading prior to topcoat application. When applying Laminar X-500 top coat (black) follow same procedures but check specification for difference in final thickness measurements.
For final cure coating, place vanes and test piece in an air-circulating oven.
After specified time remove from oven and allow cooling at room temperature.
In addition to vanes also paint caps, ferrings, and nose cones following appropriate procedures.
Complete all required records.
Detect faulty operations and faulty materials and report these and any other problems to immediate supervisor.
Maintain good housekeeping practices on machines and in work area.
Comply with all safety regulations.
Wear necessary protective equipment as required.