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Golf Cart Helper Trainer with Driving
Ref No.: 18-15725
Location: Riviera Beach, Florida
Work Week:1 - Monday, 2 - Tuesday, 3 - Wednesday, 4 - Thursday, 5 - Friday

Description/Comment:The Golf Cart Helper Trainer will be responsible for training golf cart helpers based on company guidelines. She/he will provide training in an on-road setting giving an overview of UPS Safe Work Methods and DOT regulations. The position requires that the trainer will be riding and driving in a leased vehicle off property.

Job Requirements
• Must be at least 21 years old
• Must able to communicate effectively; work pace is very demanding and will require a great deal of walking and physical exertion; requires the ability to safely handle maximum carrying capacity of parcels weighing up to 70 pounds. Requires a considerable amount of record keeping which will necessitate neatness and accuracy.
• The trainer will work approximately 40 hours per week.
• Must be flexible to locations and assignments as needed. Flexible to travel in personal vehicle up to 50 miles from origin location, etc.
• The position may, as needed, require that the trainer travel in their personal vehicle from one location to another. [Worker will be reimbursed approved mileage expenses following the UPS Expense Guidelines.]