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Construction Manager II
Ref No.: 18-12487
Location: Manhattan, New York
 Scope of Work: Resource requested: CM II - Local (Market) NJ/NY - CM should have experience in Civil work , LTE 2C, 3C & New Site build , Power and HVAC Construction Manager II - Telecommunication Alltel Site Development Project- This assignment covers the Telecommunication Alltel Site Development Project network of the cell sites. . Scope of Work The CM will perform the following tasks : Site Walks• Create project tracker in Site Handler. • Ensure that ASP stays on schedule to meet deliveries. • Use output of Telecommunication team in the form of NTPs to set schedule and scope for the sites CONSTRUCTION Services• Manage ASP s as required to meet the goals.• Ensure ASPs are familiar and are following all required procedures (Access procedure, SOW procedures)• Ensure ASPs are following the communication plan and escalate any issues early on in support if we are having issues.• Attend Customer meetings and communicate project schedule status as required. Address customer issues/concerns as they arise. • Agree on the services will be performed at each site with the customer and double check the communication plan and contact information. • Oversee the creation and verify the accuracy of the scope, ensure that these are agreed to and quotes created based on the SOW.• Provide any necessary support to the Vendors/ASP teams in the field. • Ensure ASP remains on schedule to meet delivery targets. • Continue discussions with ASP to ensure they are on track for obtaining sufficient resources to support the project Verify work complete and ensure that ASP s/Vendors are being paid on a regular basis