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Business Analyst
Ref No.: 18-10155
Location: Santa Clara, California
  • B.S. or B.A. degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field
  • Five years of experience in software development, including 3-5 years of practical professional experience in requirements engineering or business analyst
  • Interviewing skills, to talk with individuals and groups about their needs and ask the right questions to surface essential requirements information
  • Working knowledge of BDD methodology
  • Listening skills, to understand what people say and to detect what they might be hesitant to say
  • Analytical skills, to critically evaluate the information gathered from multiple sources, reconcile conflicts, decompose high-level information into details, abstract up from low-level information to a more general understanding, distinguish presented user requests from the underlying true needs, and distinguish solution ideas from requirements
  • Facilitation skills, to lead requirements elicitation workshops
  • Observational skills, to validate data obtained via other techniques and expose new areas for elicitation
  • Writing skills, to communicate information effectively to customers, marketing, managers, and technical staff
  • Organizational skills, to work with the vast array of information gathered during elicitation and analysis and to cope with rapidly changing information
  • Interpersonal skills, to help negotiate priorities and to resolve conflicts among project stakeholders (such as customers, product management, and engineering)
  • Modeling skills, to represent requirements information in graphical forms that augment textual representations in natural language, including using modeling languages already established in the development organization
  • 2-3 years experience with Agile Scrum or Kanban development methodologies

Roche Sequencing Solutions, Santa Clara's mission is to make genetic information universally available through massively parallel DNA sequencing. Our proprietary nanopore-based platform allows for single molecule, electrical, real-time analysis without the need for complicated optics or fluidics. In other words, our sequencing platform is cheaper, faster, and better than any of the alternatives, and thus has the potential to revolutionize medical care by bringing genetic analysis to the clinic. With our platform, we can truly reach the $10 genome, and begin to make practical the promises of personalized medicine.

We are a fast-moving, highly technical team of people with the ambitious goal of disrupting next generation DNA Sequencing. Developing our unique platform requires expertise across a range of fields: software engineering, data science, biology, chemistry, protein engineering, circuit design, and electrochemistry, just to name a few.

And while our chip is nano-scale, our data is big. Each sequencer generates gigabytes of raw data per second, resulting in hundreds of terabytes per week, all of which need to be moved, analyzed, and presented to users. The software team is engaged in many projects ranging from internal tools and products for supporting the Genomic workflow to customer requirement driven end user products. As a Requirements Engineer, you will work in close partnership with the Development Lead and the marketing lead to define project scope, and the product requirements. The requirements engineer will capture and clearly define the customer and product needs. You will be responsible for the decomposition of the customer requirements into product requirements, technical requirements and functional requirements. This position will work on complex cross functional teams that are geographically dispersed..

Responsibilities Include:
  • Eliciting, analyzing and documenting all product requirements, business processes, and system requirements
  • Work collaboratively with product owner, development team, lead architect and the development lead to assess current capabilities and identify high level customer needs
  • Identify and author use cases and user stories
  • Elicit requirements using interviews, document analysis, requirements workshops, storyboards, surveys, site visits, business process descriptions, use cases, scenarios, event lists, business analysis, competitive product analysis, task and workflow analysis, and/or viewpoints
  • Write requirements specifications according to standard templates, using natural language simply, clearly, unambiguously, and concisely
  • Decompose high-level business and user requirements into functional requirements and quality, specified in an appropriate level of detail suitable for use by those must base their work on the requirements
  • Define quality attributes, external interfaces, constraints, and other nonfunctional requirements
  • Set up and maintain the traceability from customer requirements to product requirements, functional design and verification
  • Work with the architects, technical leads and the product owners to define the metrics and performance goals for the application
  • Participate in the transitioning and communicating requirements and user stories to the designers and developers, and ensure a clear and complete understanding of the requirements
  • Assist in translating the user stories and use cases into test conditions and the desired results for product, performance, and user acceptance testing
  • Participate in reviews of the design, prototypes, and other work products to ensure they fully meet the requirement specifications
  • Work collaboratively with the product owners to prioritize requirements and system tradeoffs to help make decisions and communicate trade-offs and risks