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Ref No.: 18-10056
Location: Raritan, New Jersey

Job Title


Job Objective

Objective is to mine ORTHO data tools and information from the internet and build effective data analytics tools:

  • Ability load group of excel files and present a unified view of the data
  • Ability to filter, extract and present key performance data from excel files
  • Ability to load data & use other interactive data visualization tools such as Tableau
  • Ability to selectively collect log file data, database and images from medical device to a USB drive


  1. Mine data collected off of ORTHO Analyzers
  2. Work with product managers on defining requirements for data extraction and presentation of information
  3. Work with product managers on defining detailed requirements for additional required data extraction
  4. Create detailed report output that present data in an easy to use, easy to understand and easy to visualize method.
  5. Ability to update tools with additional information

Job Deliverable(s)

  • Report outputs as described above.

Requirements and Qualifications

Field(s) of Study

BS Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Finance

Experience / Qualifications

  • Advanced user of Microsoft Exce
  • Other SW that would be a plus
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Tableau
  • Software engineering
  • XML, C++ / C#