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Print Operator
Ref No.: 18-00579
Location: Wilsonville, Oregon
Set up, operate, monitor, calibrate and perform adjustments on all equipment as needed. Use of hands for the assembly of parts. Inspect parts for visual and mechanical defects using various metrology equipment which may include a stereo microscope. Work in a semi-cleanroom and climate controlled environment following proper safety, PPE protocols. Sitting, standing and walking required. Lifting requirements generally range between 0-25 lbs, unless otherwise specified for individual process certifications. Follow written procedures and custom builds communicated by Engineering Travelers. Computer skills are required.

Tools & Equipment:
Ovens, parts washing machines, kerf saws, OGP's, scanners, part blankers, label machines, air guns, tape machines, mounting machines, microscopes, hand tools, computers, conveyors, aperture machines, Rofin machines, bond presses, cap checkers, PPE, torque drivers, manual drivers, hand trucks, pallet jacks, impedance checkers, plasma etchers, class IV laser systems.

Materials Include:
Surfactants, IPA, Acetone, PZT, glass cleaner, DI water, Zip grip, Tape, Nitrogen, WD40, Nitromethane. Distilled water, DI water, aqueous inks, flush fluids, and misc. aerosol cleaners

Enabling Function(s)
Good manual dexterity
20/20 vision/corrected ok
Good eye/hand coordination
Follow safety procedures and processes
Good written and oral communication skills
Able to stand and/or sit for long periods of time
Able to lift between 0 to 25 pounds
Maintain, Record and track data in computerized logbooks, written logbooks
Communicate with technical and support personnel
Perform visual and microscope inspections
Attention to detail
Troubleshooting skills
Use hand tools
Wear necessary PPE
Cleanliness – keep work stations and areas clean
Monitor vacuum and fluid levels
Restock consumables as needed
File process folders
Computer interface

Required Qualifications to enter and remain in this job:

Computer Literacy
Hand Steadiness / Accuracy
20/20 Near Field Acuity (corrected is acceptable)