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High Value Associate (CA)
Ref No.: 18-01695
Location: Van Nuys, California
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 03/06/2018
Description/Comment:Duties include auditing high value claim shippers, locating high value packages in the center or hub and ensuring proper handling. May also contact destination hubs or centers to notify them of the status of high value packages. Additional duties may include performing loss prevention activities related to center or operation physical security.

Additional Job Details:5:30pm to 10:30pm start on first day - ask for Lori Martin or Jorge Magallanes in security at the shack . Straight Start position - need BG check clear ASAP to start ASAP! High Value Associate Complete Job Description – all below are direct and very important requirements Please also see in addition, the UPS Appearance Guidelines must also be followed. -MUST HAVE BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS – Excel a must -Fast Paced Environment – Literally non-stop for 3-4 hours. -There is no sitting down - on your feet moving, twisting, bending, standing, and walking for 3-4 hours. Highly active/physically intensive position. -Read/audit labels on packages and collect packages where label (tracking number/address) matches up to paperwork issued at trailers. -Audit packages for damage/ tampering -Sort packages according to centers using labels listing package car position -Match packages to paperwork and highlight for drivers review then distribute packages to correct drivers -At times the temp may be standing at a trailer for 30- 40 minutes looking for only 1 or 2 packages among 400-500 packages (yes -it is possible, we normally find 100% of our high value packages) -They need to be alert and actively looking for packages as they travel down a conveyer belt. -They also need to have a sense of urgency as they are expected to collect bags of small packages, open and audit for high risk packages, reload bag and put back on the belt. -At each center the employee needs to be aware of which packages are not found when highlighting/matching so that employees can continue to look for packages in the package cars and/or notify supervisor -Utilize the computer to determine if the package was scanned into the building. -Warehouse type environment – loading dock with open doors (NO LOADING TRUCKS) -High Value Associates are not allowed to load trucks/trailers. They supervise the high value package being loaded into the trailer by the truck loader/un-loader, or the floor supervisor, but they themselves are never to load a truck/trailer. -HEAVY LIFTING – must be able to lift 50lbs for the duration of the shift -Ability to climb up and down secured ladders no more than 4-5ft. -Wear work-boots or work shoes with a thick lug sole (OR YOU WILL BE SENT HOME) -Dress appropriately – no loose clothing – Warehouse attire – no Jeans (Work Pant like ‘Dickies’ and a plain colored T-shirt or Sweat shirt, no tears, no holes, no graphics)