Previous Job
Senior photo editor / Bookazines or Books
Ref No.: 17-12178
Location: New York, New York
Position Type:Contract
Start Date / End Date: 09/22/2017 to 01/22/2018
 Liberal Arts Degree with 10+ years experience in an editorial photo department where he/she had significant and demonstrable responsibility for their own projects.
Job Summary: Photo editor is responsible for obtaining and overseeing all photography and illustrations which are included in discrete book projects to which he/she is assigned. Photo editor carries out photo research based on a subject outline/mockup provided by the editor of the project. Photo editor is expected to have a deep familiarity with all photography agencies and independent photographers, locally and worldwide.
Primary Responsibilities: Obtain material from agencies, independent photographers and other sources. Edit and organize materials for presentation at photo meetings. Organize and download material in a logical and clear way which will guide the designer narratively. Provide creative and structural advice prior to and during photo review meetings; check all art for quality and clarity; sending photo files to production for use; provide captions from photos to writers/reporters; check accuracy of captions and credits before publication; be aware of potential legal issues and gain advice from lawyers as needed; negotiate payments and be able to understand, discuss, and explain the terms of our contract to sources; Maintaining budget and be certain that all invoices for use are paid and that all permissions are obtained and filed. If required, a photo editor will assign photographer(s) to shoot original material, scout locations as necessary and will work out all contract and use details with him/her. Ability to execute responsibilities on a high level, that shows experience, knowledge and excellent judgement. Additionally, a senior photo editor will work with an editor as needed to create ideas and story lines for a title. He/she will assign and oversee the work of other photo editors on a given project, as necessary and is expected to suggest potential additional elements and features for a given project.
Requirements: Bookazine and Books senior photo editors are generalists. Thus, a BA in liberal arts is a good degree. Study in photography or a general major in photography is helpful but not necessary, depending on the candidate. Most important is a liberal arts degree and a personality which indicates a good visual sense, a wide interest in disparate subjects and the ability to drill down and research topics are preferred.