Previous Job
Field Engineer 2
Ref No.: 17-10170
Location: New York, New York
Position Type:Full Time/Contract
Start Date: 07/28/2017
IMPORTANT - Factors absolutely required:
  • Current experience (based upon our prescreen questions)
  • Able to talk about experience in detail from their resume without any issues
  • Good communication skills (listening is part of that)
  • Understand the need for client satisfaction and proven experience

Blackrock interviews will be weighed by three things equally:
  • Technical ability
  • Client satisfaction
  • Team member

  1. Blackrock is big on personality and client facing skills
  2. If the candidate has their technical skills listed on their resume, Blackrock will ask about it meaning, they need to be able to clearly elaborate on all aspects of their resumes.
  3. How they speak over the phone (initially), clearly and with confidence.
  4. If a face to face interview is conducted, they want the candidates to dress accordingly, make eye contact, understand the technical side of their resume
  5. Display a desire to achieve client satisfaction at all levels
  6. They will be expected to work various problems, big and small.
  7. They should not have to guess or look up answers online, they MUST already know the answers

  1. Is the Account Manager ACTUALLY speaking to the candidate over the phone to THOROUGHLY vet them and ask the prescreen questions?
  2. Are the candidates able to elaborate on their experience – everything, and we mean EVERYTHING included within their resume? If they can't – DO NOT SUBMIT THEM!
  3. Ask them to provide examples of their customer satisfaction cases, client facing skills and teamwork approach.

Side Notes on Previous Interviews from Blackrock:
  • The candidates struggle while discussing their experience and answering "what if” questions posed by our engineers.
  • They struggle answering the technical questions
  • BlackRock will ask them very specific questions and very general questions – the candidate must be able to answer both types of questions.
  • Focus on finding candidates with financial industry experience
  • Have they worked for a company like BlackRock before - investments? Or within a trade floor environment? If so, make sure they ELABORATE on this experience as it will help them stand out
  • As we have stated before, technical ability and client satisfaction/client facing skills are equally important. Confident (but not arrogant).
  • There should not be large gaps in resumes (if there are, they need to be explained in detail).
  • Blackrock is looking for someone that has shown stability; changing positions every few months is not stable, per BlackRock, so they do not want to see this.

  • Admin duties: Entering/updating calls, calling clients, etc.
  • Resolve issues over the phone (no need to travel to EU desk)
  • Relies on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals, as well as part of a team
  • Experienced with completing tasks and meeting deadlines in a fast-paced, high stress environment.
  • Working knowledge of MS Windows 7 environment.
  • Working knowledge in MS Windows 10 environment.
  • Working knowledge in OS X based environment.
  • Excellent customer service skills including ability to provide information at all levels
  • Wide range of working knowledge to troubleshoot hardware/software
  • Working experience following and creating documented processes and procedures (proofing and updating)
  • Hardware Break/Fix Dell, Client, Toshiba Client-based HW
  • Hardware Break/Fix Apple Mac
  • Working knowledge of MS Office 2013 (strong Outlook and Excel a plus)
  • Working knowledge of MS Office 365 (strong Outlook and Excel a plus)
  • Knowledge of request/problem documenting and tracking skills.
  • Experience with VMWare products
  • Working Knowledge with Citrix products.
  • Knowledge working with Audio visual
  • Knowledge of financial applications a plus (Bloomberg, Reuters, MarketAxess, TradeWeb, etc.)
  • Working Experience with Printer configuration service and support
  • Working knowledge of networking principles, practice and technologies.
  • Working Knowledge of remote control tools.
  • Working knowledge of Active Directory.
  • Working knowledge of project management
  • Executive support experience
  • Experience in trading support
  • Working experience with software distribution systems a plus (SCCM, AppV)
  • Working experience with BES, and EAS.
  • Mobile Device Support (iOS iPhone, iPad; Android; Blackberry)
  • Mobile Device Management (MobileIron, AirWatch)
  • Knowledge of device/data encryption

Job Description:
  • Deskside and project support including HW/SW.
  • Required Skills:
  • Working with Microsoft Office, Experienced
  • Customer Support Service Agreements, Experienced
  • Wireless and Mobility, Experienced
  • Microsoft Exchange, Experienced
  • Microsoft Powershell, Conceptual
  • Deskside Support Services Delivery & Support, Advanced
  • Citrix Technologies, Experienced
  • Apple Workstation Support, Experienced - this is a plus
  • Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite MS Office 365,Advanced
· Apple Tablet Support, Experienced - this is a plus