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Learning Facilitator - BD
Ref No.: 17-09329
Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Start Date: 07/07/2017
Humana uses Salesforce as their CRM tool. 16 different Humana systems and tools are all married together on the Salesforce platform. This provides a centralized system for an agent to be able to answer an inquiry about a member's info by looking in one place opposed to sixteen.

Humana is rolling out Salesforce CRM to a large group of Humana associates that work from home as well as many vendors.

The primary responsibility of the candidate is to act as the "Producer " of the training session. They will be assisting the trainer who will be focused on training the class. Each class is a day and a half so these are lengthy sessions.

The candidate "Producer " will assist the students taking the class with system access, helping them use the training interface, and most importantly keeping the students on task and paying attention. These classes are all virtual. There is a mechanism within the training software that will tell the "producer " if someone is multi-taking and not paying attention. It is the "producers " job to send them an instant message and ask them to pay attention. In a polite way of course.

While the predominant need is for Producers, there may be several occasions where this candidate may have to teach the class.

Person preferably has a Bachelors degree
Person preferably has some type of training experience.
Person must be communicative and can hold an audience's attention.

Think outside of the box on this one. Someone who may have had a leadership role in college and is a new grad, is a quick learner, out-going and can command an audience, they might be great for this.