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Manufacturing Scheduling Expert
Ref No.: 20-00011
Location: Kalamazoo, MI area.
LOA: 1 month on-site and as needed remote
Start: 3-9-2020
Rate: hourly Plus expenses
South 6 is looking for a dedicated, experienced Manufacturing Scheduling Expert Consultant for our long term client in the Kalamazoo, MI area. Our perfect candidate for this role would have 10+ years in manufacturing with long set-up / large quantity manufacturing skills and heavy experience with good scheduling practices for manufacturing.
Our client is a large oil and gas products manufacturer (discrete manufacturing) who is undergoing a digital transformation on all internal systems, including their ERP environment. The client currently runs a legacy IBM iSeries based industry specific ERP. This transformation project has led to a general re-architecture of the business processes and manufacturing methodologies. 
The client needs someone who has helped companies implement best practices for scheduling parts where there are large setup times, long lead times, including multiple stages each with large setup and long run times.
The specific areas the client is having issues with are with Screw machines (which have setup times ranging from 6 – 30 hours and batches of 1000 – 20,000 pieces) and secondary machines which are drills, lathes, and mills (that have shorter setup times of 1 – 6 hours, but also take 2 – 10 times the time to finish a part verses the screw machines that take mere seconds) that take parts from the screw machines and perform additional operations to make a completed part. These parts are then used in the client’s assembly lines along with other purchased parts to create finished parts they sell.
This role will report to the CFO and Director of Operations, with interfacing with the ERP Deployment team.