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Senior Java Developer
Ref No.: 17-00277
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Full Time Roll / W2 - Atlanta GA
As a Senior Java Developer, You will be working with the caretakers of a set of RESTful web services and batch jobs that work together to provide the core money movement platform that moves a billion dollars a week for the healthcare industry.

About The Position
You will write code in Java 1.8 with the Spring MVC 4 framework on either a Mac or Windows, store code in Git, build it with Maven, and deploy it to Tomcat 8.5 on Linux and SQL Server on Windows.

Experience required:
  • minimum 6-7 years as a Java Developer
  • working on an agile development team
  • assisting the team with researching, writing, and verifying requirements
  • producing and consuming RESTful web services with JSON
  • using Spring MVC with annotations
  • using JPA, Hibernate, HQL, and dependency injection
  • refactoring your code for simplicity and clarity
  • refactoring existing code to fit your solution into the existing architecture
  • creating positive and negative unit tests with JUnit and Mockito
  • providing unit tests that cover more than 80% of the code you add or change
  • using Maven and modifying POMs
  • using Git repositories for code management
  • giving and receiving feedback during code reviews
  • describing the background, requirements, and alternatives for a user story
  • explaining how your solution is designed, how you tested it, and how to deploy it
  • applying industry standard best practices, both technical and process-related
  • mentoring other developers
  • adjusting to changing priorities
  • using Postman or a similar tool to call web services
  • creating and merging code branches
  • installing and configuring Tomcat or JBoss and deploying webapps
  • familiarity with JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Bamboo
  • writing HQL or writing SQL for SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or another DBMS
  • creating new tables in a database
  • working with message queues
  • scheduling and executing batch jobs with Quartz
  • creating and maintaining Camel routes
  • basic Linux command-line skills involving SSH and restarting services with systemd or init
  • using IntelliJ IDEA
  • HIPAA and/or PCI compliance
  • credit card and/or ACH payment processing
  • multi-factor authentication
  • documenting processes, writing how-to guides, or giving presentations
  • working with team members in other locations
About You

Based on our experience, at least 3 of these characteristics should describe you.
  • You're in a senior developer role now.
  • You want to move into a senior developer role and believe you're ready for it now.
  • You're acting as a leader now, teaching team members how to accomplish a variety of tasks.
  • You want to work where you can make a positive difference, helping the team improve process quality.
  • You enjoy reading and/or writing standards documents, user guides, deployment guides, etc.
  • You keep up with industry trends and best practices.
  • You have strong architectural opinions and you can defend them.
  • You can work with people who agree or disagree with you.
  • You can identify gaps in processes and lead people to fill the gaps by example.
  • You can indicate whether your feedback is a critical requirement or general advice.
  • You can handle multiple projects and changing priorities without skipping a beat.
  • You use your sense of humor to keep the atmosphere light.