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Hardware Confgurator
Ref No.: 18-00801
Location: San Antonio, Texas
 Job Scope Hardware Configuration • Configuration of WAPs • Configure Meraki portal • Configuration of device, gateway, DNS IP addresses, 1 VLAN and 1 SSID for 5 WAPS • Configuration of device, gateway IP addresses, 1 VLAN for 1 PoE Switch • Apply security standards provided by customer • Test connectivity • Includes 5 year Meraki enterprise license Horizontal • Install j-hooks for cable path • Install a 2” Hilti sleeve into the Server room for cable path • Provide and install 1 Cat 6 cable from Server room to 5 WAP locations. 5 Total cables (cable to be blue) Cables to be terminated on existing patch panel in Server room • Provide and install Leviton Cat 6 jack inserts and Leviton two port surface mount boxes (jacks to be blue and wall plates/boxes white) • Install WAPs on ceiling • Install POE switch onto existing rack • Test and label cables • Firestop penetrations to industry standards • Provide a scissor lift for one day Patch Cords • Provide patch cords for both Server room and WAP side. (5-10ft Category 6 patch cords and 5-5ft Category 6 Patch cords for the IDF Locations) Notes/Exceptions/Assumptions • Innovative Global Solutions to coordinate and provide any access to the site • No specialized product/testing certifications are required • Containment and permits are not required • New patch panel not included in this quote • Connections to the switch to be installed by others • Scissor lift required for 18' ceilings S