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Ref No.: 19-07101
Location: Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Position Type:Full Time/Contract
GBH ED is a 12-bed ED. We see approximately 55 patients per day (up to 70). Most are L3/L4 acuity (ED nurses will know what that means). We staff with • 2 nurses from 7a to 9a • 3 nurses from 9a to 11a • 4 nurses from 11a to 11p • 3 nurses from 11p to 1a • 2 nurses from 1a to 7a. We also have 1 MD provider 7a to 7p and 7p to 7a and an additional Mid-level provider from 11a to 11p. There is always a UDC (unit desk clerk) and ED Tech (nurse aide) per shift. We have an inpatient psych unit, so we see a fair amount of psych patients (designated as L2’s). We have a Care Works (urgent care clinic) attached to the other side of the hospital, but it does not seem to reduce our patients. We are across the street from Bloomsburg University, so we also see a fair amount of college students who have not made the best choices. We are working on many of the same metrics as other EDs across the nation: door to provider, zero wait times, triage standardization, patient satisfaction, etc. I am currently using 2 other travelers who both seem to be enjoying their tenure here at GBH. I put the shift as “rotating” because we will try to separate the travelers so that they are not the only 2 staff here at any given time. We definitely work with our travelers. 9a/9p, 11a/11p, 1p/1a… and possibility of 7p/7a

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