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RN - MedSurg/Observation (4SE) - Bismarck
Ref No.: 19-06293
Location: Bismarck, North Dakota
Position Type:Contract
1. General job duties. Types of procedures required.
Mostly Observation patients such as Chest Pains,Abdominal Pains.Hysterectomies,Knee scopes,Adult tonsillectomies,appy’s,hernias,Infusion patients that need blood or antibiotics twice a day.Will get inpatients if we know they will be discharged in less than 48 hours.High turnover of patients daily such as 12 admissions and 10 dischages in 12 hours so need to be very organized.

2. Equipment utilized in the unit/dept. (Is there computerized charting, medication systems, etc.)
We use EPIC EMR,Acu-dose for Narcotic dispensing.Scanning of medication

3. Required skills and minimum years of experience.
Taking care of Pre and Post op patients (Observation type).,IV starts,Dressing Changes and normal nursing skills IV’s,Foley’s etc.

4. Specific licensures and certifications/registrations required. (ARRT, CRT, BLS, ACLS, etc)

5. Shift or schedule requirements. (Will the employee ever work alone? Is call required? If so, how often? Are weekends required?) 12 Hour shifts both D/N and every other week-end and every other Holiday.Hours of operation ( 6A-6:30P and 6P-6:30A)
Will never work alone and we usually never put on call.

6. Floating to other units/departments. (If so, to which units/departments?)
May float to other Med-Surg areas but will go into the same rotation for floating as the permanent staff.

7. Bed size/number of rooms for this unit/dept.
24 beds

8. Nurse to patient ratio of this unit. (nursing only)

1:5 RN to Patient ratio 24/7

9. Dress Code:
All dark Navy Blue Scrubs

10. Tell us about the unit/department specific training and orientation program.
Usually will have 2-3 12 shifts with a preceptor.Also will get classroom training for the charting system also.