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CSA/CSTFA - Bismarck
Ref No.: 19-08886
Location: Bismarck, North Dakota
Position Type:Contract
General job duties. Types of procedures required.
Summary: Assists operating surgeons in carrying out technical surgical procedures in accordance with applicable safety laws and regulations. Assists operating surgeons with intra-operative procedures like homeostasis, exposure, closure, and other intraoperative technical functions that assist the surgeon in carrying out a safe procedure with optimal results for the patient. In addition to intraoperative duties, the surgical assistant also performs preoperative and postoperative duties to better facilitate proper patient care. The surgical assistant performs these functions during the procedure under the direction and supervision of the surgeon and in accordance with hospital policy and appropriate laws and regulations. Develops specialized preoperative plans in coordination with appropriate surgeons and health team members. Prepares surgical tools and equipment, takes preventative measures to ensure applicable health and safety regulations are satisfied. Administers preoperative medications and reports the responses of patients to assigned surgeons and anesthesiologists.
Responsibilities: Apply sutures, staples, clips, or other materials to close skin, facia, or subcutaneous wound layers. Champions safe and sterile working environments in compliance with health and safety regulations. Champions the adoption of robotic technology for use during invasive procedures. Collaborates with surgeons and provides appropriate assistance during surgical procedures. Documents the critical elements within a patient chart to help others. Examines medical records of patients to determine potential risk factors during surgery. Identifies and considers alternative approaches to situations or problems. Leverages prior experience as a help towards handling changing situations. Maintains safe and sterile working environments to ensure the safety of patients and surgical teams.Monitors patient's health conditions and records all medical related data, e.g. progress notes.

Equipment utilized in the unit/dept.
Epic charting, Da Vinci Robot, Jackson Table, Client total joints and multiple other basic pieces of equipment for ortho, general, neuro, cardiovascular, ENT, urology and plastics

Required skills and minimum years of experience.
2 years recent CSA or CSTFA experience. Surgical assistant will be required to do general, ortho, podiatry, neuro, ENT, plastics, OB/GYN, and urology. Cardiovascular experience would be a plus. (CABG, AAA, thoracotomy’s, etc)

Specific licensures and certifications/registrations required.
BLS. CSTFA certification or CSA certification.

Shift or schedule requirements.
Call is once and sometimes twice a week, and one weekend every 4 weeks. Surgical assistant is usually left alone at the end of the case to close, suture, and dress the incision.

Floating to other units/departments.
Only department the assistant would float to is OB/GYN for c-sections.

Surgical Suites

Dress Code:
Hospital provided scrubs

Tell us about the unit/department specific training and orientation program.
We have an educator on staff for our department. She meets with all of our travelers and assists them on their education and responsibilities. We usually give a week of orientation for our travelers and then having them working independently by their second week.