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Mainframe Storage Engineer
Ref No.: 20-00074
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Mainframe Storage Management includes providing day to day mainframe storage services for supported accounts including: management of storage-related host-based products, management of backend disk and tape devices, support of environments including client impacting events, executing DR tests, maintaining an auditable posture, and delivery of all contracted services related to mainframe storage. In addition, Backup and Recovery service for planning, establishing and testing the recovery procedures required to re-establish the functionality of systems included in the Services in the event of a failure. The intent of this service component is to anticipate and minimize the impact of systems resource failure through the development of predefined, documented procedures and software/hardware recovery capabilities. The customer and IBM will agree on the procedures for restore / recovery.
Primary duties and required skills:
  • Use and management of storage-related products for each account (tape management, storage reporting, catalog management, etc.
  • Execute DR Exercises based upon the DR Plan in place with the account at the frequency required by the contract. Frequency to be provided by the account team.
  • Maintain existing DR plan that enables the recovery of data due to unplanned operation types of failures such as equipment malfunction, temporary power disturbances, and termination. Creation or modification of DR approach/plan requires funded architect to assist steady state team to create/perform changes
Maintain an audit-ready posture by performing all security related requirements including (but not limited to):
  • Perform security health checking at the frequency identified by Customer Security
  • Perform Parmlib revalidations at the frequency required
  • Review of and adherence to Technical Specifications
  • Perform Operating System Resource (OSR) validations (PAR/PR)
  • Perform Primary and Secondary User ID Controls as needed
  • Respond to security related audit requests
  • Open/manage none compliance issues as needed to document and track exposures.
  • Ensure any future security requirements are incorporated into the security stance of mainframe storage for accounts supported.
  • Execute backup and recovery procedures for the operating system image. Document and maintain the backup and restore processes, hardware and software.
  • Implement scheduled backup and recovery procedures as prioritized by the customer, so as to avoid impacting scheduled operations.
  • Work actively with PSM team as needed to give direction on tape related questions/issues.
  • Perform catalog management, backup and recovery of data stored on storage devices.
  • Retrieve archived tapes and restore required files and datasets.
  • Storage Management -Related Support requiring demonstrated knowledge of ISPF, JCL, TSO/E, JES2, HSM, SMS, and the ISV (CA and ASG) Tape Management products, as well as CA-Allocate to supplement SMS. Plus for VM storage demonstrated knowledge of Dirmaint, RACF, cp/cms cmds, And CA VM line of products.
  • Provide 24 x 7 support for the Mainframe Storage Management Support. Response required based upon SLA's/SLO's required by the contract.
  • Execute problem and change management processes per account guidelines. This includes creation of RCAs as needed.
  • Be thoroughly prepared to properly represent storage at customer/account-based meetings as required for ticket reviews, change meetings, and project meetings.
  • Regular ticket updates directly in account's native ticketing system are required. The timeframe's of these are based upon SLA's/SLO's as required by the contract
  • Strong English written and oral communications skills are required.
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