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Python Developer
Ref No.: 21-00293
Location: New York, New York
We need visa independent candidates who can work on our company's payroll for this position. This is a long term contract and remote to begin with.

Basic programming skills: (MUST)

1. Basic Programming knowledge with hands-on in Python(Data structures, OOP)
Should able to handle programming with below topics seamlessly 
2. Handling the Basic data structures in Python (List, Dictionaries, Tuples, sets) 
3. Control flow statements in python(if, for, break, pass) 
4. Experience in Lambda functions 
5. Good Experience in coding using classes in python (Inheritance, decorators, iterators) 
6. Good in Handling exception while programming in python. (Exceptions) 
7. Importing/Handling packages from different modules 
8. Handling Databases from Python (reading, writing) 
9. Handling Files using python. (reading, Modifying, Writing)

Handling Libraries: (MUST)
10. Need to have good experience in handling the Python data frames using Pandas 11. Exposing the Project as API using the Flask framework 12. Good at handling the Multi-threading.(Threading)
Good to Have:-
1. Experience in  Kafka
2. Experience in pyspark, python libraries -  Numpy, logging, traceback, subprocess 
3. Experience in Microservices/Elastic search 
4. Experience in Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem.

Any queries, reach out to Steve - 7603074259 or email -