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Data Architect
Ref No.: 20-00418
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Title: Data Architect
Location: Harrisburg, PA
Core skills
  • Oracle/SQL and– Data optimization techniques, Some experience working with CRM/Dynamics 365, Cloud/On-Prem
  • Experience owning end-to-end data analysis, modelling and development tasks for at least 3 to 4 Enterprise-wide data integration or warehousing projects.
  • Data modeling experience building enterprise data models for multiple purposes (conceptual, logical and physical) such as Star Schema, Operational Data Store, Graph
  • Database design, application design/development, and hands on programming experience in: Database Tables, Graph Nodes and Relationships, JSON Schemas
  • Experience with ETL technologies, data cleansing/updating process and data movement for various purposes: Data Warehouse, Operational Data Store/Data Lake, NoSQL/Graph, Application Integration
  • Data integration and data delivery experience in: Flat file Creation and Distribution, API Development and Management, Hosted Direct SQL
  • Data visualization and analytics experience in: Dashboard development, Search based analytics, Trend analysis, Predictive analytics
    • PowerBI, Tableau experience
    • Develops metrics to monitor data quality
    • Basic OLAP cube design to support analytics
Soft skills:
  • Is responsible for undertaking multiple engagements, working with different teams and business stakeholders, focusing on multiple aspects of data architecture, data initiatives, data projects, data governance and analytics
  • Is responsible for discovery , best practices and implementation 
  • Who understands the tactics in setting up a warehouse from scratch. 
  • Things like controls and capture points, update frequencies, 
  • Being able to understand where we need day-old data vs. more frequent updates. 
  • Understanding the needs to capture slowly changing dimensions over time.
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