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Project Manager
Ref No.: 18-11142
Location: Springfield, Illinois
Due Date :09/24/2018
Work Authorization:Any Visa
Segment:State and Local

Interview: In-Person
Duration: 9 Months
Location: Springfield, Illinois

The primary duties of the Project Manager shall include but not be limited to:
  • Serving as a technical advisor in planning the technology and data infrastructure the IDOR - DAP will need over its lifespan.
  • Communicating ongoing with the IDOR - DAP and functioning as an available resource to its staff.
  • Developing and implementing a consistent approach the IDOR - DAP staff will use when working with program areas to create analytics solutions.
  • Coordinating work with key agency stakeholders to facilitate standing up the IDOR – DAP within the agency.
  • Holding regular status update and steering committee meetings to communicate with key agency stakeholders on progress relating to the IDOR - DAP and seeking feedback throughout the process.
  • Coordinating with the data analytics resources in the analysis of the existing approach and in the formation of a recommended approach to the data analytics process.
  • Assessing the approach used by the IDOR - DAP to date in identifying opportunities for analytics and business intelligence to provide a benefit to areas within the department.
  • Creating a recommended approach incorporating best practices in developing and completing data analytics projects.
  • This recommendation will include relevant components of lean management, process management, six sigma and quality management as a basis for the applications of data analytics as an improvement tool.
  • This recommended approach will focus on identifying and prioritizing data analytics opportunities based on estimated return on investment.
  • Throughout the nine-month engagement, the Project Manager will work in conjunction with the Data Scientist to consult with the Audit Bureau on their operations. The Project Manager and Data Scientist will be expected to lead regular consulting sessions with the Audit staff.
  • The goal of these consultation sessions will be to Client and document operational issues in the Audit area and consider potential resolutions/solutions available using data analytics.
  • When the Project Manager and Data Scientist identify an issue that can be resolved by applying data analytics, they will work with the Audit area to develop and document a use case.
  • Once documented, the use case will become the primary responsibility of the Data Scientist to investigate and resolve.
Qualifications of Project Manager
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in tax administration or a closely related field.
  • Prefer experience directly related to data analytics.
  • Prior experience in leading a staff for a new unit within an organization.
  • PMP certification.
  • Minimum of a Master's degree in Information systems, data analytics, computer science, statistics, or a closely related field.