Ref No.: 18-10461
Location: Columbus, Indiana
Shift/Hours: 6:30a-3:00p
Job Description: Assembly

Qualifications: The candidate should have at least 3-6 MONTHS of work in a manufacturing setting or relevant work experience in the past 2 YEARS in order to qualify for a position at TIEM. Relevant Work experience to include: Landscaping (other than only cutting grass), Construction Work, Concrete Work, Warehouse Work, High School, College, or Vocational classes relevant to work at TIEM, Considerations made for length and skill of class In the event an associate displays characteristics that may be in line with TIEM's business and production expectations, but do not meet the above qualifications, further approval must submitted to onsite TSM.

Very long cycle time and most of the process are very physical. Process demands fast movement in order to keep up and you have to be able to process a lot of information quickly. The D series fork lifts are the largest that company offers. Sub-assembly. Some roles require memorization, lifting 44lbs.